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The best price of Golden Wallpaper in Pakistan is Rs. 169 and estimated average price is Rs. 340.


An alternative to painting one's space, wallpapers are available in many different designs and materials. In all this variety one can easily find golden wallpaper. There are advantages and disadvantages to wallpaper just as there are to paint. Wallpaper is available at many different prices depending on the specific type and brand.


Wallpaper and golden wallpaper

Generally, a printed roll of paper that has a repetitive design. These rolled sheets fit together vertically and the design seems seamless due to its repetitiveness. There are designs that are laid out in a manner that it is one scene or a non-repetitive design that has to be put together in parts. Wallpaper has been around for centuries. Once tapestries became too expensive the rising gentry turned to woodblock printed wallpaper. Among all the options one can find a lot of variations of golden wallpaper. There are some that are shiny or have patterns embossed, while others have more of a matt finish.

Today the printing process has become a lot easier and massive amounts can be printed fast. The patterns available are endless, with options from flowers to geometric line work. Different kinds of adhesives are used to stick these sheets of paper to the wall, depending on what kind of surface the wall has. Also, different countries have different options that depend on the general climate of the region.

Modern wallpapers include options that would block cellphone signals and WiFi to keep a space clean of such digital intrusions. There is also a special wallpaper developed by scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany that is infused with fibreglass which supports walls during earthquakes helping them stay intact. It also needs a special adhesive that makes a strong bond with masonry and aids the overall strength of the structure.

Advantages of wallpaper

Wallpaper can work well to cover up a wall that is damaged. The designs serve a purpose in the feel of the overall interior as well. Which is why some people cover one wall in a room while the others are painted, this is similar to when people paint one wall a different more vibrant colour. Depending on the wallpaper it is also more durable than paint. If there are children in the house a vinyl-based wallpaper would be a lifesaver as it is easy to clean with a wet cloth. Wallpapers are easy to apply and depending on the person fixing them to the walls, the process may be a lot faster than painting.

Disadvantages of wallpaper

The initial cost with wallpaper can be higher than paint, this of course depends on the kind of wallpaper one is purchasing. As wallpapers are churned out at high rates the patterns can fall out of production, so if you need to replace one panel that specific design might be out of production. Due to the nature of its application, it doesn't do well with humidity and moisture. There are certain wallpapers that have been developed specifically for this to not be an issue but then they cost substantially more. If the right person is not installing your sheets the pattern may not align and this would be extremely annoying. Some wallpapers, just like paints, contain Volatile Organic Compounds that get released into the air. Of course, there are also options for eco-friendly wallpapers to tackle this issue.

The right wallpaper can add a lot of value to the space. Price-wise wallpaper is available at varied ranges, depending on the material, quality and make.

Price List

Model Price
GIFT City - Golden Foil Pani Tile Border Stickers… Rs. 169
Gift Mall Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack of 6 / 1… Rs. 549
GIFT City - Flower Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack… Rs. 549
Gift Mall Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack of 6 / 1… Rs. 169
Gift Mall Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack of 6 / 1… Rs. 169
Gift City - Flower Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack… Rs. 299
Gift Mall Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pack of 6 / 1… Rs. 299
GIFT City - Golden Tile Border Stickers Pack of 5… Rs. 419
GIFT City - Golden Foil Pani Tile Border Stickers… Rs. 299
GIFT City - Trending Golden Foil Tile Stickers Pa… Rs. 299
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