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The best price of Google Home in Pakistan is Rs. 1,480 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,195.


Use Google Home to control your household gadgets by voice commands or just use it as a voice-controlled music player. With smart-devices Google Home gives you voice control over even more things, from the brightness of the lights to the AC temperature. They can also give you step by step cooking instructions making your kitchen tasks easier or answer most questions about anything using the Google Knowledge Graph. The smaller Google Home devices are within an affordable range, while the larger ones are expensive devices.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient

  • Good build

  • Google Assistant included

  • Varied applications


  • Launch phrase non-customisable


What is Google Home

Voice-based automation is a newer area of the tech advancements we are witnessing. Google being one of the largest and most powerful tech corporations is also interested in this front. With the introduction of their Google Home speakers they have brought this to the market, soon after Amazon launched Amazon Echo that houses the voice known as 'Alexa'. Google has yet to give their AI a personalised name which a lot of people think it should, taking the anthropomorphic route to make humans more at ease with the AI.

The Google Assistant is also a part of the Android-based smartphone systems. The Google Assistant's rapport has been improved by writers from Pixar and The Onion to help it be able to have a more natural voice tonality and banter, rather than sounding like a machine talking. Due to the presence of the Google Assistant these devices can actively send you reminders and warn you about traffic conditions and other such amenities that are there to keep you updated. As it is built with Machine Learning abilities it learns your patterns over time and can then improve its performance in reference to you, making the searches and all other actions even more streamlined.

Other tasks the Google Home can undertake

Google Home speakers are developed for the automation of a space with the ability to control other devices that are WiFi ready, also known as 'Smart Devices'. So you could ask your Google Home system to turn the brightness down of the lights in the lounge by 10% or whatever you feel is the need of the moment to set the mood. Some smart bulbs also have a varied colour range at times allowing you to change the ambience based on the colour of the light.

There are so many uses like this especially the functional ones like the WiFi door lock, all you have to do is tell the Google Home system to unlock the door or lock it. Maybe you want to change the temperature on the AC without looking for the remote or needing to reach out for it. This device could make one lazy but for an efficient person, it could be doing tasks for you while you use the extra time to do other things. A lot of smaller smart products are produced by another arm of Google known as Nest, so one can check their devices and see what they want at home.

Google keeps adding more

These smart-systems are there to make life convenient so Google keeps adding functionality as they go along, such as the ability to call and converse with the other Google Home devices through Google Duo, essentially making calls within the premises from the room to the lounge; like an intercom. There is also the option of playing different songs in different rooms through this system. Just being called Google Home doesn't necessarily mean it can only be used in homes, the areas of application are as varied as the spaces available. These devices also have the ability to discern between multiple voices as well, so there are security features.


With all this there are also great concerns today about these Google devices listening to everything happening inside a house, as personal online data has been used to sway opinions and change perceptions! Available in a few different sizes and shapes, generally 2 colours - chalk and black. Which one you pick is based on the price point you have in mind, as the small one is a lot cheaper compared to the larger ones.

Price List

Model Price
Universal IR Remote Controller, Smart Home Wifi R… Rs. 4,999
Universal IR Remote Controller, Smart Home Wifi R… Rs. 4,999
C BY GE On/Off Smart Plug with Smart Bridge, Alex… Rs. 3,599
UxBridge Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker Goog… Rs. 69,999
Google Home Mini Wireless Smart Speaker - Aqua Rs. 5,999
Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera (NC1102ES) Rs. 30,000
Universal IR Remote Controller, Smart Home Wifi R… Rs. 4,999
Google Home Hub 7" LCD Wireless Smart Speaker Cha… Rs. 21,999
Mini Home Google Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 6,500
Google Home Max Wireless Smart Speaker Charcoal Rs. 75,499
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