Gopro Cameras Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gopro Cameras in Pakistan is Rs. 660 and estimated average price is Rs. 28,667.


The quintessential action camera, GoPro has a lot of different models in the market now. A sturdy camera that is packed into a tiny form factor, which makes it ideal to keep mounted on your helmet, bike, or more. The video quality is at higher definition levels, ensuring you get great shots. The frame rates are also good, so your shots are smooth.


If you are looking for a sports or action camera that is easy to mount and can take a beating, the GoPro range is among the most obvious choices. These cameras have made a place for themselves as the go-to for this segment and with good reason.

Founded in 2002, GoPro today has a lot of options that one can choose from. The different cameras have various features and price ranges also vary based on this.

The compact size makes it ideal for mounting purposes, from helmets to your bikes, it can be set onto any platform and there are a lot of different mounts that one can choose from. This versatility due to its size is one of the big reasons GoPro did well, but this alone is not it. The video quality for its size is what set it apart.

HD shots are common now and some models of the GoPro feature 4K and higher. This means you get a high-quality video so you can edit it with ease and it will not stand out too much with footage from other quality cameras.

Other features on GoPro cameras include HyperSmooth stabilization which makes sure your shots are not shaking too much, especially since action shots tend to be shakey. The waterproofing means that this camera can take a dip with you and underwater shots are a piece of cake. The depth each model can handle varies so make sure you check the specs of your specific GoPro.

Other shooting modes such as Live Streaming, Loop Recording, TimeWarp, and more are available. These make it super easy to set up your camera for whatever specific shot you are trying to execute. Wide FOVs are possible depending on the model.

The newer the model the faster it is able to record and the better frame rates it has along with the ability to shoot images as burst shots. Depending on the model you can also connect a more high quality mic to get better audio for your videos. In general, the GoPro cameras have their own multi-band compressor to improve the sound.

The recording is done onto microSD cards, making it simple to take out your card and go through the data on a computer.

GoPros are the ideal action camera that you can get, prices vary a lot based on the specific model so one can choose based on their needs or their budget whichever makes more sense for them. One can also get all kinds of accessories that help shoot; such as harnesses, mounts, remotes, gimbals, filters, batteries, and much more.

This level of customization also allows you to get your GoPro set up how you need it, so you can execute the perfect shots.

Price List

Model Price
Telesin Dome Port Underwater Diving Housing for G… Rs. 5,499
GoPro Hero 10 - Black Action Camera Rs. 121,000
Protective Frame Case for GoPro Hero 6 5 7 Black … Rs. 3,077
GoPro Hero 10 Rs. 96,999
GoPro Wrist Housing Rs. 6,999
GoPro HERO 8 (CHDHX-801-XX) Black Waterproof Acti… Rs. 70,999
GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount Rs. 5,499
Protective Frame Case for GoPro Hero 6 5 7 Black … Rs. 3,077
GoPro Hero 11 mini Rs. 119,999
GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter Rs. 16,499
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