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The best price of Gouda Cheese in Pakistan is Rs. 545 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,270.


Gouda cheese originates from Holland and is a flavourful kind that is eaten in multiple ways, including on its own on a cheese platter. The flavour changes with maturity. Gouda cheese is available from mid to high range prices.


Gouda Cheese

A term today that refers to a type of cheese but originally Gouda referred to 'cheesemaking'. The name comes from the city of Gouda in Holland; this was where various cheesemakers brought their cheese to sell.

Today most Gouda cheese is produced at an industrial scale with only bout 300 Dutch farmers that produce using the traditional methods. These farmers have the Protected Designation of Origin for this product, meaning it has a protected status by law. This kind of 'authentic' Gouda can only be made in Holland with milk from Dutch cows.

Flavours of Gouda cheese

A semi-hard cheese, Gouda cheese changes its flavours over time, the young Gouda has a mild flavour that is fudgy with a hit of nuttiness. Slightly matured Gouda has a fruity tang with a sweet-ish finish and old Gouda is said to have a butterscotch-like flavour.

There are six grades of maturity levels to classify the cheese. Young cheese is four weeks, young matured is eight to ten weeks, matured is sixteen to eighteen weeks, extra matured comes at seven to nine months, old cheese is at ten to twelve months and very old cheese is over twelve months.


This cheese is a good source of protein, calcium and phosphorus; the downside being that it is high in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Gouda cheese is comparatively expensive in Pakistan as it is not a regularly used item. One can find it being sold by many various brands at times in the form of a cheese wheel.

Price List

Model Price
Frico Gouda Wedge Mild Cheese Rs. 2,090
Frico Original Gouda Slice Mild Cheese Rs. 1,490
Frico Gouda Light Cheese Rs. 1,490
HAPPY COW Gouda Cheese 8Pcs Rs. 545
Happy Cow Gouda Cheese Slice 150G Rs. 745
Gouda Rs. 600
Frico Mini Edam Cheese 5x20g Rs. 1,350
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