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The best price of Gym Bags in Pakistan is Rs. 300 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,603.


Gym bags are made for high functionality and durability. There are many different kinds but the duffle bag and backpack design are more often used. The price of a gym bag depends on which brand it is from, so prices can range from the lower end all the way to the higher side.


Gym Bags

The term gym bag can apply to nearly any kind of bag that a person carries with them to the gym, but more often people have a duffle bag or backpack that they use at the gym. These bags are made from various materials; the common ones are fabrics made from plastics. These are good for rough use and can be washed too. A good way to get out sweat and mustiness from a gym bag.

Space and compartments

A gym bag should have multiple pockets and compartments so one can divide up their things neatly. Gym bags generally have compartments for a water bottle on the outside, making it easy to access. This is the one item one needs quick access to.

The size of a gym bag depends on how much stuff you usually carry with you. A lot have space for sneakers, a towel, a change of clothes, showering essentials and deodorant. A good gym bag can also be used as an overnight or weekend getaway bag.


Aside from a high level of functionality, one's gym bag should be durable so it can be washed and would last a long while. There are also options for weatherproof bags and this is useful if one lives in an area where it rains or has a heavy rainy season.

Many brands produce gym bags, with known ones including all the top athleticwear labels such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok.

The price of a gym bag depends on its size, quality of material and the brand it belongs to. They can be from lower mid-range prices all the way to the higher end of the price range.

Price List

Model Price
Heavy Duty Boxing Bag Folding 2.5ft Wall Bracket … Rs. 3,499
MCD Weight Sand Bag, Boxing Bag, Fitness Bag, Wor… Rs. 5,525
WINGS Drawstring Carry Bag Sack Bag Gym Bag Sport… Rs. 350
Blue training bag Rs. 3,702
Punching ball speed ball boxing rope hand wrap do… Rs. 1,598
Red duffle training bag Rs. 3,996
45-l Trekking Backpack Bag For Men Travelling And… Rs. 2,249
Weightlifting Gym Bag Rs. 399
High Quality Travel Bag/Gym Bag for Men,Trekking … Rs. 1,715
Grey training bag Rs. 3,702
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