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The best price of Gym Gloves in Pakistan is Rs. 275 and estimated average price is Rs. 562.


The toughest workouts done by men and women require lifting dumbells and weights. The handle used to lift any fitness equipment is usually bare steel or iron that can cause unwanted stain on the wrists and fingers. Gym gloves are designed according to the activity, there are many different styles and variations to the base design.


High Endurance Workout

Regular lifting can even result in painful callouses and scratches on the hands. The recommended way to handle these heavyweights is to use gym gloves. A good pair of gym gloves will be able to protect your hand and fingers from injuries and pain. When buying a pair remember to check the fitting as it should be close to the skin but not hinder blood circulation. When the gloves are too tight the grip of the hand will be blocked and unsteady. The gym glove should have enough stretch that you are able to completely grab the bar or bell handle perfectly with your fingers securely in place. 


It is important that gym gloves be clean and breathable so that the skin is not irritated with wearing them extensively. Sweating will lead to loss of friction which can be hazardous when lifting very heavyweights. The extensive use of your hands during workout or athletics means you will also be doing other important tasks other than holding the equipment. It is important that the gloves have enough coverage that you are able to use a number of weights easily. Being able to grasp barbells along with dumbbells or be safe while suing kettlebells means the gloves should be adaptable and flexible to your needs. Gloves also help protect the hands from scratches when doing pushups and other floor exercises outside the gym so that you are able to workout outside on the ground or grass. 


Gym gloves are made from leather, rubber or neoprene (sub synthetic ideal for strong grip), silicone, cotton mesh and spandex. Each of these materials is a strong protective barrier for the hands while working out, hiking, running or even riding your motorcycle. 


There are gym gloves that have full fingers and others with half. The perfect pair of gloves will easy to slip on and off the hands even when the hands are sweaty. The secure latches are usually velcro or at times spandex to ensure they do not slide off while being used. The combination of Cotton mesh and rubber keep the glove dry as the moisture is not accumulating inside but evaporating rapidly. 


The gym gloves can help relieve stress in the tendons of your fingers and wrists. The severe deterioration of tendons can lead to tendonitis. This is a very painful medical condition that can result in swelling, pain, inflammation of the hands. In some cases, people have also lost the ability to bend their fingers. The smallest of fractures or bruise can result in loss of mobility and discontinuation of exercise. Professional fitness coaches and trainers recommend that gloves are better than using chalk to keep hands dry. The most important feature of the gym glove is to provide a strong supportive grip to the hands. With chalk there is a lot of unwanted mess that is hard to clean up at home, by using gloves training at home can become hassle-free.

Injuries are usually caused by equipment slipping out of your hand while working out landing on your chest, head, feet or toes. In order to avoid fatalities or severe injuries, it is important to wear gloves. A 10 kg weight or even 5 kg weight when accidentally falling on a sensitive area of the body can be deadly. The padding in the gloves helps reduce unwanted nerve pain as it adjusts the support according to the movement of the hands. While doing the intensive workout the repetitions of the exercise can cause rapid fatigue, a reliable pair of gloves will help power through difficult repetitions. 

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Model Price
Pair Of Gym Gloves Rs. 275
Weight Lifting Leather Gym Gloves Padded Palm Cyc… Rs. 490
Weight lifting Gloves, Fitness Elastic Wrist Wrap… Rs. 450
Weightlifting Fitness Workout Cross Training Spor… Rs. 550
Weight lifting Gloves, Fitness Elastic Wrist Wrap… Rs. 450
Sports City Gym Solution Golds Gym Wrist Wrap Lif… Rs. 850
Weightlifting Fitness Workout Cross Training Spor… Rs. 550
Weight Lifting Gloves, Gym Gloves, Fitness Wrist … Rs. 600
Weight lifting Gloves, Fitness Elastic Wrist Wrap… Rs. 399
Weightlifting Gym Gloves Fitness Wrist Wraps Exer… Rs. 499
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