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Haier produces a lot of appliances, including dishwashers. A Haier dishwasher would make cleaning dishes a lot easier and faster. It has multiple programmes and also options for variation in water temperature. The sizes vary, but most are able to handle a decent amount of dishes in each cycle. The prices of these dishwashers are high.


Haier is a Chinese brand that has a large stake in the Pakistani appliance market, with some local production as well. The brand has many products, including dishwashers.

Haier Dishwashers

A dishwasher saves on the amount of water used for washing dishes and also makes the washing process a lot more easy, which is why it is a great appliance to have. Haier has included different temperatures of water at 4 levels so in case there are oily dishes they can be cleaned easier with warmer water.

There are different programmes as well, which when combined with the warmth of the water work their purpose. The programmes include options such as main wash, energy-saving wash, intensive wash, delicate wash and so on.

The amount of space varies, with most models able to hold 14 place settings, giving one ample space for a decent-sized operation.


Haier dishwashers are free-standing units, making them simple to install in one's kitchen.

The price of Haier dishwashers is in the higher region.

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