Haier Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Haier Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 1,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,885.


A convenient appliance for snack making. A hair sandwich maker will allow you to make two sandwiches in one go and as it is non-stick on the inside they will come off easily once they are toasted.


A sandwich maker is very useful to make snacks. The Haier brand has a few different options that you can choose from. The main difference is the design as the functions are the same.

One can make and insert two sandwiches into their Haier sandwich maker and clamp it shut. This presses them and also heats them up. The heat causes things like cheese to melt and mix with the other ingredients. Heating is done via an electronic setup inside.

The plates inside are non-stick so you do not need to worry about your sandwich getting stuck to the insides, also this makes the inside super easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

The time makes sure your sandwiches do not burn, so you can also get other tasks done while your sandwiches are getting ready. You could make savoury or sweet sandwiches, depending on what you feel like. The sandwich maker also presses and cuts the sandwich into two triangles so it is easy to eat.

The price of Haier sandwich makers is in a very affordable range and you get quite a lot of value especially if you regularly need to make sandwiches.

Price List

Model Price
Grill Sandwich Maker, Sandwich Hand Toaster, Non … Rs. 1,750
Grill Sandwich Maker, Sandwich Hand Toaster, Non … Rs. 1,750
Haier HST-1003 Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,200
Grill Sandwich Maker, Sandwich Hand Toaster, Non … Rs. 1,750
Haier HST-1001 Sandwich Maker Rs. 3,840
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