Haier Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Haier Water Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs. 4,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,930.


Haier water dispensers are affordable and durable. They have colourful outer door design that covers the taps, making them a stylish and hygienic addition to any home or office in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Colourful design in red, black and gold

  • Child safety lock to protect from injuries

  • Refrigerator cabinet


The Haier water dispenser can provide temperature-controlled drinking water that is powered by electricity in a variety of models. The range includes the commonly seen standing design that has a refrigerator compartment and the table water dispensers that can be placed on any flat counter space. The stylish colour profiles offered by Haier include deep red, black and gold that can be an attractive addition to your home, office or kitchen decor.  

The standard white water dispenser has two to three water taps with a compressor controlled mechanism that consistently heats and cools water according to your preferences. With the Haier water dispenser, customers can easily make hot beverages at home and office simply turning on the hot switch at the back of the machine. The cold water is iced great for summer weather to quickly quench your thirst.  


Heating Power 500w
Cooling Power 120w
Cold 5°C - 10°C
Hot 85°C - 95°C

Price List

Model Price
Haier Water Dispenser HWD-206R Rs. 30,000
Haier Water Dispenser HWD-206W Rs. 30,000
Haier Water Dispenser White (HWD-206) - ISPK-009 Rs. 30,474
Haier Water Dispenser HWD-206 White (SD) Rs. 24,000
Haier HWD-3209G Water Dispenser Rs. 22,891
Haier HWD-306 Black DD Water Dispenser Rs. 27,649
HAIER Hot & Cold TWO TAP Rs. 31,900
Haier Water Dispenser HWD-206R Rs. 30,000
Haier Water Dispenser HWD-206W Rs. 30,000
Haier 2 Tap Water Dispencer HWD-206R White Colour… Rs. 26,000
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