Hair Crimper Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hair Crimper in Pakistan is Rs. 599 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,036.


A popular hairstyling technique from the 80s and 90s, hair crimping is back in vogue but with better styling options. You can now use crimping irons with ceramic plates to give soft waves, tight crimpy waves or mermaid curls to the hair. The prices of Hair Crimper in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and versatility of the gadget.


Best Brands

Remington hair crimper is amongst the best out there. It is integrated with tourmaline technology and has ceramic plates that are great for adding gloss to the hair and settling frizz. It has an ionisation setting that prevents the hair from drying out and instantly gives the hair volume and waves. Affordable options include Kemei, Shinon and Nova. 

There are combination gadgets available too, such as the Remington Wet2Waves Styler. This combines a blow drier with a crimper and saves a lot of time as it can crimp damp hair to gorgeous waves within minutes. All you need to do is towel dry the hair thoroughly so that no excess water remains and then use this styler on damp hair. 

Interchangeable Plates

Some brands offer interchangeable plates in one crimping iron for more versatility. These irons can be a curling wand, curling iron or a waver all in one gadget. You can change between the attachments and get the kind of crimps or waves you desire or mix and match for a unique look. 

Quick Hair Styling

One can easily style the hair with a crimper by adding small crimpy waves all around. Make sure to use some setting mousse or gel to set the hair in place for it to last all day. You can crimp the entire length of hair or just a few sections and it will look just as glamorous. 

Gloss & Volume

Depending on the type of gadget, hair crimpers can add shine and make the hair look glossy and bouncy. They also give immense volume to otherwise flat hair.

Hair Crimper prices in Pakistan range from affordable basic gadgets to high-end professional multipurpose stylers. While buying these gadgets, look for a combo of ceramic plates with tourmaline technology that would prevent the hair from drying out. 

Price List

Model Price
SD PRO Professional Hair Crimper Iron Ceramic Pla… Rs. 6,500
Mini Electronic Hair Crimper Curling Iron Rs. 599
Kemei Hair Straightener 3 in 1 Hair Straightener … Rs. 2,599
Babyliss Lasting Hair Volumizing Texture The Crim… Rs. 7,626
Shinon 3 in 1 Hair Straightener, Hair Curler & Ha… Rs. 2,399
Buy Perfect 2 in 1 Hair Straightener & Crimper (S… Rs. 3,000
Kemei Professional Wide Plate Hair Crimper (KM-47… Rs. 2,200
FAPA Professional Hair Crimper Rs. 2,599
Anex AG-7038 Hair Straightner Curler Crimper Rs. 5,939
Kemei Professional Hair Crimper (KM-533) Rs. 2,200
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