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Compare 172 prices from 24 stores.

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A common hair related appliance, the hairdryer is used to either stylise hair using the warm air or to just do the basic function of drying hair. With a few add-ons that can refine the usage of your device for a more specific need. Available in many sizes and with the option for warm air. There are many brands producing them.

Pros & Cons


  • Can create different styles

  • Makes hair stay in place

  • Adds volume


  • Can dehydrate hair

  • Weakens the thread

  • Ruins texture

  • Leaves hair matted

  • Can burn hair at high temperature


About the hairdryer

Almost a staple requirement for women and some men too who would like to fashion their hair more, the hairdryer is so common that most hotels even have a unit stocked in each room. The basics are that it blows air to dry hair after a hair wash or shower, the temperature and pressure of the air can be controlled. The first ones were not portable and were like having a hat with an air pipe attached to a machine, invented in 1890 by French stylist Alexander Godefroy. The hairdryer allows for hydrogen bonds within each strand to be manipulated when styling and these bonds are powerful but vulnerable to humidity, with only one wash they disappear.

Hairdryer features and accessories

There isn't any specific difference between hairdryers for different hair types and they work with most hair or we'd see salons with multiple 'types'. Instead, the focus is the attachments available with various models, the basic ones being a diffuser, a concentrator and a pick. Diffusers work better for curly hair as they circulate air to the ends of the hair while diffusing the air stream to prevent frizz, this also helps add volume and define curls. Concentrators do the opposite by narrowing the air stream so it blows directly on the hair for smooth and sleek styles. The more broad Concentrators are useful for thick or long hair, on the other hand, narrow concentrators provide curly and frizzy hair with a sleek blowout. The Pick can be used to untangle the hair, stretch it out and create volume at the roots. Essentially it is like using the comb and that is why it is known as the Comb Nozzle as well but not all hairdryers have the pick along with them; this attachment is easily available separately.

Things to consider

You'll want to think about adjustable heat and airspeed setting and also a 'cool shot' button which gives a blast of cool air to close up the cuticle and lock in the style. Another feature is the 'ionic' operation which helps reduce the build-up of static in the hair from friction so once you are done the individual strands are not being repelled by each other, thus making the hair smoother. There is a debate about this feature as some believe it doesn't do much and other stylists swear by it. Using a hairdryer gives room for more disciplined hair and that can be enhanced further during the drying process with hair products so the hair has more hold and lift. Some well-known brands that make these devices are Baby Bliss, Philips, Braun, Panasonic and Remington.

Usage caution

The general guidelines for using them include using it at a minimum distance of 15 cm, hair should not be exposed to too high a temperature for too long and the airstream should be moved about instead of being concentrated on one spot. Also, don't use immediately after a shower, give your hair time to dry a bit so they are less vulnerable. Do not dry out the hair completely, let it retain some moisture.

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The best price of Hair Dryers in Pakistan is Rs. 3,400 and the estimated average price is Rs. 9,794.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Hair Dryer Bhc01000 Rs. 6,499
Philips Hair Dryer BHC015 Rs. 8,900
Philips Hair Dryer Bhc015/00- 1200w Rs. 6,499
Beurer Hc 80 Hair Dryer Rs. 18,000
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND13 Rs. 9,600
1250W Hot Cold Wind Hair Dryer DOYSON Style Hair … Rs. 7,657
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND57 Rs. 11,400
Remington Hair Dryer - Ac9140 Rs. 23,999
Philips Hair Dryer BHD510/03 Rs. 22,000