Hair Straighteners Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hair Straighteners in Pakistan is Rs. 1,700 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,813.


A wide variety of hair straighteners and curlers are available online with different sizes, types, heat intensity, materials and prices. They are versatile little gadgets that not only straighten your hair but also help you curl and give a wave to your straight hair with different techniques. If you are looking for the best hair straightening devices and prices in Pakistan, look no further. We have them all from leading brands and a variety of authentic sellers across Pakistan.


Best Brands in Pakistan

A few of the high-end brands of hair straightening devices available in Pakistan are Remington, Conair, Hai, GHD and Paul Mitchell. Brands selling straighteners at affordable prices in Pakistan are Anex, Babyliss and Keune. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

While curly or wavy hair holds its own charm, glossy and pin-straight hair has been in trend for long and almost never goes out of fashion. Some celebrities have even made it their signature hairstyle regardless of the trend. Even people who already have straight hair, use hair straightening products to give a glossy shine to the hair. While there are many techniques to straighten hair, the most common and the best way is by using a hair straightener. 


Before buying, decide on whether you want a consumer-level or professional type of device. Modern straighteners also come in the form of hair straightening brushes and steam straighteners that take out the frizz without drying out your hair. Straighteners have flat plates that heat up and straighten both sides of hair by passing heat and locking in moisture, hence getting rid of frizz and leaving your hair straight and silken.

Plate Material 

The plates on a straightener come in a variety of materials such as Ceramic, Titanium, Tourmaline etc. The best plate is the one that suits your hair type. When buying a straightener, always make sure to do thorough research on the kind of material you want.

A Word of Advice

Always use a heat protectant serum before using any sort of heating device, to avoid heat damage to your precious tresses. No matter what sort of straightener you decide on, remember never to buy the ceramic-coated models as they wear out very soon and don't straighten your hair effectively. Ceramic plates are more effected as compared to ceramic-coated plates.

Check and compare hair straightener prices in Pakistan on this page from multiple brands. Some brands also offer up to 50% off on hair curlers and straighteners during special days or holidays. There are also online deals from some brands where you can buy a straightener and get a straightening brush or a curling iron along for free.

Price List

Model Price
S8550 Remington Straightener - Shin E Therapy Wid… Rs. 14,580
S6500 Remington Straightener - Sleek & Curl Rs. 12,758
S3580 Remington Straightener - Crimper Ceramic 220 Rs. 11,421
Dawlance DWHS 7030 Lustrous Hair Straightener Rs. 8,000
Cambridge | Straightener | HS28 Rs. 5,450
Alpina Hair Straightener (SF-5059) Rs. 6,435
Philips Hair Straightener HP8316 Rs. 11,100
Babyliss Pearl Shimmer 235 Hair Straightener, 251… Rs. 11,625
Dawlance Botanika Hair Straightener DWHS 7031 Rs. 7,200
WestPoint Hair Straightener Model No. 6807 Rs. 5,100
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