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The best price of Hamdard Joshanda in Pakistan is Rs. 315 and estimated average price is Rs. 315.


A herbal mix that is used to treat flu, coughs, fevers and sore throats; Hamdard Joshanda is an effective remedy for these issues which is why it is well known in Pakistan. The price of Hamdard Joshanda is in the lower ranges, making it an affordable product.


Hamdard Joshanda

A concoction that is made from different plant extracts to help with issues such as coughs, sore throat, cold and fever.

Hamdard Joshanda has cardia latifolia, onosma bracteatum, zizyphlus jujube, malva sylvestris, viola odorata, althaea officinalis and glycyrrhiza glabra. All these are plant extracts, meaning the joshanda is a natural remedy.

This product is sold in small sachets, each is enough to make one glass or mug of joshanda. After adding it to 250ml of water it should be boiled, then strained and had while still warm. One can also add honey to add to the curative qualities.


Hamdard produces many herbal remedies and their joshanda is probably one of the most famous. Many people use it and the general response is that it is effective for the ailments described above.

The price of Hamdard Joshanda is nominal, one can find boxes with various amounts of sachets.

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Hamdard Joshanda 30s Rs. 315
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