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The best price of Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 1,979.10 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,528.


Large, traditional blenders are more powerful but handheld blenders are more convenient to use and store as well as being easy on the pocket. They come in handy when you don't want to use large blenders for a simple task like beating eggs or making a glass of milkshake. Not to confuse with mixers, blenders use blades to liquidize solid food items while mixers use whisks and paddles to mix food. The prices of hand blenders in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and the versatility of the device.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact

  • Easy storage

  • Budget-friendly

  • Multi-purpose tool

  • Easy use and cleaning

  • Specific container not required


  • Not as powerful as the traditional ones


Leading Brands

Kenwood, Philips, Anex, Westpoint and Moulinex are a few of the brands selling good quality handheld blenders at affordable prices in Pakistan. The Philips handheld blender is a 550 Watt machine that features a 0.5-litre beaker, chopper and a whisk for more versatility and multi-functionality. You can easily blend soups, chop nuts, herbs, chocolate, cheese and onions or whip mayonnaise, cream or pancake batter with this tool.

Anex handheld blenders are easy to use kitchen appliance that are also dishwasher safe. Despite this feature, it is important not to immerse the device in water to avoid damaging the motor. Most blenders by Anex come with additional components like a chopper and whisk for providing more versatility to users.  

Things You Can Do With Hand Blenders

There is a wide variety of mouthwatering and delicious things you can create with these compact blenders.

1. Pakora Mix

You can make a perfectly balanced and smooth pakora mix in a blender by blending together chickpea flour, water and spices. Remember not to blend for too long as it will make the mixture too thin and the pakoras won't come out as crispy as they should.

2. Milkshakes & Smoothies

With a blender, you don't need a separate milkshake maker. Just toss in the ingredients and get the perfect milkshake or smoothie that is way healthier.

3. Sauces and Condiments

Store brought condiments and dressings aren't as healthy and tasty as the homemade ones. A  blender is a perfect appliance for homemade chutneys, pizza sauce, salsa, hummus, Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise etc

4. Protein Shakes

With protein being the building blocks of the human body, protein shakes are a quick and easy way for your daily protein intake. Just dump a banana, fat-free yoghurt and peanut butter into the blender and blitz it with just a dash of chia seeds to make a delicious and nutritious protein shake.

5. Waffles and Pancakes

Instead of mixing the batter manually, use a hand blender for making a smooth and bubble-free waffle and pancake batter.

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Price List

Model Price
Aardee 2 Speeds Hand Blender with Beaker ARSB-2004 Rs. 8,100
WestPoint Hand Blender WF4201BD Rs. 9,000
Panasonic MX-GS1W Hand Blender Rs. 11,800
Cambridge | Hand Blender | HB8186 Rs. 6,370
National Gold 820 1000W Hand Blender With Copper … Rs. 8,160
ANEX AG 128 Deluxe Hand Blender Rs. 5,950
Anex AG-134 Deluxe Hand Blender Rs. 10,000
Braun MultiMix 3 Hand Mixer White (HM-3000) Rs. 8,199
Anex AG-121 Hand Blender 300W Rs. 4,850
Anex 300watt Deluxe Hand Blender AG-137 Rs. 6,247
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