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The best price of Head Massager in Pakistan is Rs. 124,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 124,900.


A great way to get some stress release for your head is to use a head massager. There are a few different sizes and types one can make use of for this purpose. The prices range from affordable to mid-range.


There are a lot of different kinds of head massagers, the most simple one is the one which has metal arms and looks like an octopus. These arms have small plastic balls at the end and run through the head to massage the scalp. This is very soothing and is done manually.

A step up from this is a small handheld massager that has rotating knobs that vibrate as well, this can be used over the head and in fact can be used on other body parts too. Some come in the shape of a brush with wider bristles that vibrate, so you can run it through your hair.

A more powerful head massager has more modes, so you can choose how hard you want it to vibrate based on what soothes you or is more comfortable for you. These also come with different heads that one can put on based on the kind of knobs that feel better for you personally. With such models, you could also take the head off and wash it to get the oiliness off from it.

Some of these head massagers are wireless and have batteries, others have a cord that one needs to plug in.


The price of a head massager depends on the specific type you choose. Prices range from affordable to mid-range.

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JC Buckman RefreshUS Massage Chair with Head Mass… Rs. 124,900
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