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The best price of Heat Press Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 1,150 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,150.


A machine that lets you transfer designs and text onto a T-shirt or other items via heat-based transfer paper. There are different sizes and shapes which define what kind of transfer you can execute. The transfer surfaces vary a lot too, one has to choose based on what they want to transfer onto. The heat press machine comes in manual as well as automated forms, the latter makes one's work easier. The price of a heat press machine is in the mid ranges and makes for a great DIY setup as well.


Heat press machine

Printing onto T-shirts and other items is made easy with a heat press machine, it lets the transfer have a longer life. The heating process makes the dye or ink really mix into the fabric and also helps set the design onto a mug or plate.

A heat press machine comes in various sizes and shapes as well. The size affects the area it can apply heat on and the shape decides what kind of surfaces it can apply heat to. For instance, for a mug, the shape wraps around a mug and T-shirts are set onto a flat surface.

One can make use of a design or print that is on Vinyl Cutter, Inkjet Transfer Paper, Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, Laser Transfer Paper and Plastisol Transfers. These transfer types can be applied to various materials. You could also purchase pre-made iron-on designs which a heat press machine can transfer onto the item of your choice.

There are heat press machines that are purely manual and one would need to keep an eye on the timer. The high-end option is a fully automated machine in which the pressure, temperature and timing can be set, this makes it easier than doing things by eye.


This is a great machine for DIY crafts and is also used by smaller producers to make craft items for sale. The price of a heat press machine depends on its exact type and size. The prices range within a mid tear, from a lower mid to a higher midpoint.

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HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets for Iron On T-Shir… Rs. 1,150
HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets for Iron On T-Shir… Rs. 1,150
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