Hemani Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hemani Hand Sanitizer in Pakistan is Rs. 130 and estimated average price is Rs. 379.


Hemani is known as a personal care product brand. They have also started producing hand sanitiser as it has been used a lot. There are a few different sizes and one can get the apt one for their space depending on how many people need to use it. The price of Hemani hand sanitiser is affordable.


Hemani is a brand for personal care products. Among its collection one also finds hand sanitiser, a product designed to clean the hands intensely, removing all germs.

A much-used product during the COVID-19 pandemic as it was one of the prime ways to keep your hands clean after making contact with surfaces others may have touched as well.

Hemani hand sanitiser should be kept clear of the eyes as it can sting. Generally, this product should be monitored when kids are around.

The hand sanitiser from Hemani is affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Antiseptic Hand Senitizer 250ml Rs. 395
WB Anti Septic Hand Sanitizer Spray with Tea Tree… Rs. 225
Hemani Pack Of 3 Hand Sanitizer 50Ml Rs. 337
Hemani Anti-Septic Hand Sanitizer With Natural Be… Rs. 305
Hemani ANTIBACTERIAL Hand Sanitizer 250ml (Breezy… Rs. 340
Hemani Pack Of 3 Insta Save Spray 120ml With Two … Rs. 472
Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Pouch 400ml Rs. 468
Hemani Herbal Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer With Natu… Rs. 395
Hemani Hand Sanitizer 250Ml With Pump (Breezy Lav… Rs. 365
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 100ml Tube Rs. 250
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