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The best price of Hepa Filter in Pakistan is Rs. 7,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 59,267.


A high standard filter that can remove a lot of troublesome particles from the air and environment. These are used in many different places and one can find vacuums that make use of such filters as well. A relatively costly item.


What is HEPA

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate absorbing and high-efficiency particulate arrestance. This is an efficiency standard for filtration, meaning devices stating this classification must meet set guidelines.

The standard states that HEPA filters must remove at least 99.95% (for Europe) or 99.97% (for the USA) of the particles whose diameter is 0.3 micrometres. Also, the filtration efficiency should increase for any particles smaller or larger than the size mentioned.

HEPA filters became commercial in the 1950s, with the original term being trademarked. It is also a generic term for high-efficiency filters today, but that does not mean such a filter meets the specific standards. Despite being able to capture tiny particles HEPA filters do not filter gases or odour molecules, that would require a layer of activated carbon along with the filter. A HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Adsorption) filter can be used if gases are a consideration.

One can find a standards listing online for HEPA; it has classes for the HEPA filter variations one can find in high-end uses. 

Uses of HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are used in circumstances that require contamination control, or a sterile environment. This is why it is used in rooms where chips, hard drives, semiconductors, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical products are manufactured.

Hospitals also make use of this filter. Its ability to catch fine particles allows it to trap airborne bacteria and viral organisms thus preventing infections. HEPA filters used in medical facilities also tend to have UV-lights or anti-microbial coating to kill off the bacteria and viruses.

A lot of vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters, which help with removing allergens and dust mite faeces from the environment. This is very useful for people who may have asthma or allergies. While some do not have true HEPA filters so one has to be sure they are purchasing the correct kind of vacuum. For a vacuum to have true filtration ALL the air has to pass through this filter; if there are any leaks the purpose is lost. Vacuums that are labelled 'Sealed HEPA' are the ones that cater to this properly. There are some that say 'True HEPA', but that term is considered to be a tad bit vague.

Some air purifiers have HEPA filters. HEPA filters are also used inside certain ACs or heating systems. Cars and most modern airliners use them too. The aerospace industry makes use of these filters for various settings as well.


If a device that claims 'HEPA like' or other such terms then it is probably not a true HEPA filter.

A washable true HEPA filter would be costly but generally, this is a mid-priced item.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer LR310 Air Purifier with HEPA H13 Filter an… Rs. 65,000
SHARP Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and HEPA Fi… Rs. 46,995
SHARP Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and HEPA Fi… Rs. 46,995
Coway Mighty Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter (… Rs. 84,999
SHARP Air Purifier with Plasmacluster and HEPA Fi… Rs. 46,995
Beurer LR310 Air Purifier with HEPA H13 Filter an… Rs. 65,000
Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier with Long-Lastin… Rs. 67,899
Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Rs. 7,199
Beurer LR310 Air Purifier With Hepa Filter Timer … Rs. 58,499
Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier with Long Lastin… Rs. 63,899
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