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The best price of Hiba Life in Pakistan is Rs. 675 and estimated average price is Rs. 968.


Herbal medicines and treatments are very well received in Pakistan, especially if they are based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of the Last Prophet. Hiba Life (The Gift of Life), a herbal store was created by a Pakistani investment banker Faizan Syed in 2012. Hiba Life offers all organic solutions based on "Tib-e-Nabvi" (prophetic remedies or medical guidance of Islamic Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H). Check out Hiba Life products and their prices in Pakistan on this page.


Hiba Life remedies are categorized into three groups:

1. Al Seha (Health & Fitness)

This category houses all remedies related to preventive healthcare. The products in this group include Diattib that is a medicine for people who have diabetes. It contains herbal ingredients such as Nigella Sativa, Saussurea Lappa, Fenugreek seeds, Lapidium Sativa, Cichorium, Intybus seeds, Dill seeds etc. The medicine works by managing the insulin production by the pancreas and reducing insulin resistance in the body. It improves metabolism and gut function while decreasing fatigue and high blood sugar levels.

Another effective medicine in the category is Angiotibb that is prescribed to patients with a long history of heart diseases. The medicine is made out of all-natural ingredients such as Sidr Honey, Lemon juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Ginger. It works by preventing blot clots from forming, keeping weight in check, strengthening the muscles of the heart, managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

There is also a medicine for the health of your liver called the Hepatibb. It contains Garden Cress, Fenugreek, Kutroot and Chicory that in combination make for a potent liver remedy. This medicine helps in weight loss, improves stamina, liver function, anaemia while giving you strength and vitality. 

2. Al Ghiza (Diet & Nutrition)

Ghiza is Urdu for nutrition and this section houses all-natural remedies that make for a balanced diet. The products in this category include Aseel Dates, Orange Blossom Honey, Wild Flower Honey, Hiba Life Bahi Al Asal, Anjeer Blessing, Ajwa Blessing and Sidr Honey. The Aseel dates are hand-picked and are the most sought after dates in the region. They are a complete source of nutrition and energy and contain a lot of fibre.

All types of honey by the brand are sourced directly from honey farmers of the Hindukush region and are potent antioxidants. They are a great source of minerals and have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The brand's honey is also known to be an effective remedy for a sore throat and digestive issues.

Hiba Life Bahi is one of the most sought after products of the brand. Bahi is Urdu for Quince fruit and is known for giving strength and removing lethargy. The quince fruit preserve is a great herbal remedy to consume if you are trying to control diarrhoea and it also improves heart health and reduces risks of a stroke.  

3. Al Husna (Beauty & Radiance)

This category includes products for enhancing the beauty of your hair and skin using natural remedies. Currently, the brand is offering only one product in this category called the "Aseel Oil". It is a blend of 5 effective natural ingredients for the growth and thickness of the hair. When combined together, they create a potent herbal concoction that helps stop hair fall, increase hair growth, strengthen roots, reduce dandruff, slow the hair greying process and prevent scalp flakiness.

The product contains Castor oil, Gooseberry, Sesame oil, Black Cardamom and Pumpkin oil. Hiba Life hair oil comes in a 150 ml press pump bottle and is supposed to be used 2 hours before shampooing, twice a week. Continued usage can show results within 3 months. 

Hiba Life products are easily available online at varied prices in Pakistan. You can order them from our page and also check their prices and benefits. 

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Hiba Life Injeer (Fig) Blessing Preserve 300g Rs. 799
Buy Injeer Online | Anjeer Paste | Hiba Life Rs. 675
Hiba Life Ajwa Blessing Preserve 300g Rs. 1,299
Hiba Life Ajwa Khajoor Paste | Ajwa Dates Paste O… Rs. 1,100
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