Hikvision Fish Eye Camera Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hikvision Fish Eye Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 30,050 and estimated average price is Rs. 30,050.


The Hikvision Fish Eye Cameras give you a wider viewing angle, allowing you to observe more area without having to pan the camera. There is some distortion of the image, so fish eye cameras have to be used in specific places.

Pros & Cons


  • Wider viewing angle


  • Distortion


The Hikvision Fish Eye Cameras are static, but the fish eye allows you to view a lot more space without having to move the camera about.

Hikvision has multiple options for fish eye cameras, with the major difference being a variation in megapixels. Some are at 5MP while others are up to 12MP. One can even opt for Hikvision Fish Eye Cameras that have infrared vision, making sure you are sorted for darker areas as well.

Due to the fact that a fish eye warps the imagery, there can be added distortion. There are also softwares that one can get separately that help to de-warp the image so one can see better.

The Hikvision Fish Eye Cameras can be useful in certain locations more so than others and also work if you want a static camera with a wider view. This way you get more area covered without having to pan your camera.

Price List

Model Price
Hikvision DS-2CD2942F-I 4mp IP Fish Eye Camera Rs. 30,050
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