Hilal Cupcake Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hilal Cupcake in Pakistan is Rs. 105 and estimated average price is Rs. 200.


Hilal is a Pakistani snack manufacturing company that has launched several confectionaries for children and adults. They have cakes, candies, chew toffees, chocolates, wafers, bubble gum, jellies, mouth fresheners, power drinks and even a brand for bottled water products.


Long Shelf Life Desserts 

Their prepackaged Hilal cupcakes are called Cup Kake and Kake that are available in single-serving and family sharing packs in a variety of flavours. These are affordable snacks that are easily stored at home and the office ideally had with milk or tea. Their freshness is ensured by the airtight seal of each packet. Kids love sweet treats as a snack while playing and studying helping them concentrate and stay energised.


The flavour is similar to the traditional English tea cake that has been sold at local Pakistani bakeries for generations. Taking that same soft and moist texture as tea cake and transforming it into a cupcake was first of its kind packaged desert in Pakistan.

The cupcakes are small in size and can easily be held by little kids with one hand. The best part is the creamy rich filled centre of the cupcake pairing flavours like vanilla cake with a chocolate core. 

Energy Boosting

The snack is advertised as an ideal school lunch dessert for kids that makes the meal more satisfying for kids. The cupcake is made from refined white sugar which is calorific and injurious to health when consumed in excess. The cake base is made from wholesome ingredients such as Wheat Flour, Fresh Eggs and Vegetable Oil that are the main sources of energy and carbohydrates that make it an ideal midday snack for kids and adults.

The Invert Syrup, Cocoa Powder, SMP and Salt help preserved the shelf life of the product making it easy to transport to far corners of the country. The Citric Acid (E-330), Glycerin (E-422), Baking Powder, Vanillin Powder, Mono & Diglycerides (E-471, E-475), Lecithin (E-322), Food Preservative (E-202), Permitted Food Colors (E-102) are all verified agents safe for human consumption. 


The tasty variety of cupcakes is inspired by all the classic English dessert flavours of Custard Cream and Jams. The classic vanilla and chocolate combinations also have a different version with chunky bits included into the chocolate cream core inside a chocolate flavoured cake. 

There is a fruity Strawberry Jam flavour that is preferred by adults who do not want to indulge in chocolate at tea time. Choco Vanilla has a chocolate flavoured cupcake with vanilla cream inside the core adding to the diversity of flavours by Hilal. 

Share Pack

Kids who would like to share cupcakes with their friends and family can now enjoy the share pack that has two little cupcakes. These share packs are economical and easy to stock up for parties and large families. 

Price List

Model Price
Hilal Cupkake Choco-Vanilla 12 Cupcakes Rs. 200
Hilal Cup Cake Blueberry Jam 12 Cup Cakes Rs. 200
Hilal CupKake Chocolate 12x25gms Rs. 105
Hilal CupKake Strawberry 12x25gms Rs. 120
Hilal Cup Kake Double Chocolate 12 Cup Cakes Rs. 200
Hilal Chocolate Cup Kake 24g x 12 Rs. 200
Hilal Double Chocolate Cup Kake 12s Box Rs. 205
Hilal Cup Kake Strawberry X 12 Rs. 149
Hilal Cup Kake Chunky Double Chocolate 8 Packs Rs. 200
Hilal Cup Kake Strawberry 24gx12 Rs. 250
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