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The best price of Himalayan Pink Salt in Pakistan is Rs. 79 and estimated average price is Rs. 305.


The Himalayan Pink Salt is a healthier substitute for processed white salt because of its natural healing properties. There are many food brands releasing pink salt as a substitute as it is known to have several health benefits.


Healing Benefits 

Himalayan Pink Salt is a great substitute for refined white salt reducing the risk of blood pressure and cancer. The salt is a centuries-old naturally found distillation process found in Khewra Salt Mine near the Himalayas in Pakistan. It is hand-extracted and purposely kept less refined as compared to iodized salt so it can retain minerals beneficial for the body. It is known to improve respiratory diseases, balance pH levels in the blood by not spiking sugar in the body. The slow-release of nutrients in the body is seen as more natural and effectively absorbed by the body as compared to table salt.

Can Be Used For 

Used in cooking and as bath salts for its anti-ageing properties. The lamps that are made from Himalayan pink salt are known to cleanse the air of artificial signals such as wifi, mobile network improving sleep quality. Other than being a pure source of sodium chloride, it is known to have 84 other essential minerals that are great for immunity-boosting in the body. The Potassium, Magnesium and Iron are essential for building strong bones and muscles, improving metabolism and breakdown of old tissue to form healthier cells in the body, especially for growing children. 

Price List

Model Price
Gift City - New 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color… Rs. 449
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine - 3.63 Kg Zip Lock Craft… Rs. 499
Gift City - New 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color… Rs. 449
(pack Of 3) - Salt84 Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Bag… Rs. 396
Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Large Plastic Jar - (5… Rs. 434
Sha Himalayan Pink Salt 800 Gm Rs. 299
Diamond Shape Geometrical Himalayan Salt Tea Ligh… Rs. 550
Pink Gold Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain Plastic … Rs. 350
Gift City - Attractive 3d Acrylic Sheet Printed 7… Rs. 449
Himalayan Salt Lamp For Home Decoration Big 7-8 I… Rs. 259
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