Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 14,383 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,529.


Hitachi vacuum cleaners are reliable options for one's cleaning needs. Hitachi has multiple types of vacuums, in various sizes and differing power ratings as well. One can choose based on their needs, this includes the space of their home or office and the storage space where the vacuum will be stored when not in use. The price of Hitachi vacuum cleaners varies based on their specific type, with the basic kinds being availble for mid range prices.


Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi is a Japanese brand of repute, with a very wide range of products; from military vehicles to excavators to vacuum cleaners.

The vacuums from Hitachi are available with different wattages, meaning they have different performance powers. This can be 2000, 2100 or 2300 watts. The sizes of Hitachi vacuum cleaners also vary, it can be 18 litres or larger too. One can choose the apt size that is needed for their space. These vacuums have smooth wheels so one can easily have them move along your surface as you clean it.

Vacuum cleaners make quick work of picking up all the dust from the floor or taking it out of your carpet. Hitachi has drum vacuum cleaners that have dual handles so one can easily tilt them over to empty the dust. The vacuum head is multi-angled so it stays flat as one moves it over different surfaces. It even angles further so it can be slid into narrow spaces behind the sofa and can be flattened under the sofa.

Hitachi includes different heads, such as the crevice nozzle and a dusting brush as well. These let one swap the main vacuum head if they have a more specific task to execute.

One can find a Hitachi vacuum cleaner in different forms, the basic is a drum vacuum. After which are the canister vacuums that are a little smaller and work better if one has smaller storage space. The upright vacuum cleaners are made in a way that the motor and suction head are built into one unit, these are often used in apartments due to their compact nature. Hitachi even has stick vacuums that are convenient for small spaces and are very slim; as the name suggests.


Hitachi has quality products, this quality is visible in their vacuum cleaners as well. The prices vary depending on the exact model one chooses, with the drum ones being in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Hitachi CV-960 – Drum Vacuum Cleaner – 2000W – 18… Rs. 18,000
Hitachi CV-960 – Drum Vacuum Cleaner – 2000W – 18… Rs. 18,199
Hitachi CV-960 – Drum Vacuum Cleaner – 2000W – 18… Rs. 18,800
Hitachi Drum Vacuum Cleaner Gold (CV-950Y) Rs. 23,397
Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner CV-950F (MADE IN THAILAND) Rs. 24,900
Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner (CV-960Y) Rs. 24,200
Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner (CV-BH18) Rs. 18,499
Hitachi Drum Vacuum Cleaner Gold (CV-960F) Rs. 24,200
Hitachi Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Wine Red … Rs. 17,050
CV-950F – Vacuum Cleaner – Hitachi Rs. 32,900
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