Hitachi Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hitachi Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 45,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 64,989.


Among the large range of products from Hitachi, one can also find washing machines. With different loading weights so one can choose something that suits their home or business. An efficient way to wash clothes that also saves you from manual labour. There are multiple options one can choose from. The prices are in a mid to higher tier.


Hitachi produces a lot of things from military vehicles to electronics. A brand based in Japan that is known for being a good choice for most things. Their range includes washing machines, with both top and front loaders. There are different capacities so one has the option to pick something that fits their needs.

Hitachi washing machines

There are a lot of possible features when it comes to Hitachi washing machines, each machine has a bit of a difference so one can choose the machine that suits them the most and also fits their budget. Some are fully automatic others are semi-automatic, the former naturally cost a bit more. Machines also have Full Auto Restart so in case there is load shedding, the machine can pick up where it left off.

Other features are Intelligent Sensor Systems that can gauge the clothes and wash accordingly. There is also Beat Blade Pulsator or Beat Shower which helps wash better. Some machines even have Dual Vibration Control System that shakes the clothes even more at a minute level. Hitachi washing machines also have Anti Bacterial Lint Filters, making for a cleaner environment.

Certain machines have the dryer built into the main compartment, with others it is separate. Featuring Air Jet Dry so your clothes come out much dryer and would need only a while of being hung out. The machines are also self-cleaning, given what they do a bit of tweaking in the system allows them to be clean. Variable Spin Control allows the machine to adjust the drum speed to the load, this makes for more efficient usage of energy. 

If you have kids who mess around with appliances and want that to be reduced, Hitachi has some machines that have Child Safety Locks so children cannot disturb your wash cycle.

For most the buttons are placed in a position that is easy to access so you can easily press them and also see the small display.


Hitachi is known for being a reliable brand and their washing machines generally have good reviews. The prices are from a midpoint on to a higher rate depending on the model and all the features built into it.

Price List

Model Price
Hitachi SF 95SS Top Load Washing Machine Rs. 67,290
Hitachi Semi Automatic Washing Machine PS 105MJ Rs. 49,990
Hitachi SF 160KJ Top Load Inverter Washing Machine Rs. 105,890
Hitachi High Pressure Washer, 13... Rs. 45,000
Hitachi SF 130XTV Auto Self Clean Washing Machine Rs. 105,800
Hitachi Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine … Rs. 72,490
Hitachi Semi Automatic Washing Machine PS 140MJ Rs. 59,490
Hitachi SF 140XTV Top Load Inverter Washing Machi… Rs. 98,999
Hitachi BD W75TSP Front Load Washing Machine Rs. 99,900
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