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The best price of Hoisin Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 550 and estimated average price is Rs. 711.


A sauce that is used in Chinese cuisine, hoisin is a thick and fragrant sauce that has a mix of salty, sweet and spicy flavours. It makes for a great glazing or BBQ sauce, which is why it is eaten with meats more often. The price of hoisin is in the nominal ranges.


Hoisin Sauce

A sauce that is commonly used in Chinese cuisine, hoisin sauce is thick and fragrant. Its origins are unknown and the word hoisin means seafood, but this sauce does not contain any seafood and is not often consumed with seafood either.

There are of course a lot of variations of this sauce, but the main ingredient is fermented soybeans. Aside from this, the possible ingredients can be fennel, red chilli, salt, sesame seeds, garlic, vinegar, five-spice powder and sugar.

Five-spice powder is an oft used mixture that also varies but generally is a concoction that includes star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel. Other mixtures of it can include ginger root, nutmeg, turmeric, Amomum villosum, cardamom, liquorice, Mandarin orange peel or galangal. Just this bit alone can change how the hoisin sauce tastes, to give context of the possible flavours of the resulting sauce.

The hoisin sauce profile

This dark sauce has a very strong salty and a slightly sweet flavour mixed with a spiciness. It could be called a Chinese form of BBQ sauce.

Hoisin sauce is used with meats more often than vegetables. It makes for a great glaze and works well as a dipping sauce to cut through fried foods. It is also used in marinades and is the sauce that is used to make Peking duck.

In Vietnamese cuisine it is used as a sauce for pho, either added into the bowl or given alongside to dip ones pho meats. If it is given in the form of an accompanying dip it may have sriracha sauce mixed with it too.


Hoisin sauce is made by many different brands, the flavours can vary as do the prices. The prices are generally in the nominal ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Tai Hua Hoisin Sauce 300Ml Rs. 720
Razmin Hoisin Sauce 300ml Rs. 865
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