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Homage electric stove is also called an induction cooker as the heating mechanism is charged by electricity as compared to gas stoves which use thermal energy of the fire flame. The electric stove is a reliable and compact device that simply needs to be plugged into the main electricity making it easy to prepare food without any hassle.


Easy & Simple

The Homage electric stove series has a single, double and four points model that can be purchased according to you and your families needs. The single cooker is popular with students who wish to cook quick meals in the comfort of their hostel room. The electric stove is a reliable and affordable solution as it works like a hotplate with improved display and control features. Homage offers a Brand Warranty that will cover help repair and maintain the device.

Advance Features

The electric stove has sensor touch operations with a 4 digit display showing temperature settings. There are multi-function cooking modes that automatically prepare food. The high-quality ceramic plate used to create the stovetop is scratch proof and durable. There are 9 levels of adjustable heat settings that power the ceramic plate and maintain high temperatures for long durational cooking of curry or soup. There is a Digital Timer to help monitor the cooking process and prevent burning or overcooking the food.

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