Homage Generator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Homage Generator in Pakistan is Rs. 70,700 and estimated average price is Rs. 74,350.


Homage has a wide range of solar panels, generators, inverters, gel and AGM batteries for the home and office. They are portable, handy and secure generators that are easy to operate and completely safe to use at home and the office.

Pros & Cons


  • Seamless power switching between the moment of load shedding and return of electricity.

  • Protects appliances and prevents back-feeding electricity that can damage expensive devices.


  • Can be hard to maintain as daily wear and tear can reduce performance efficiency.

  • Can be very noisy when turned on.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are harmful to the environment.

  • If operated incorrectly can risk electric shock to the body

  • Requires refuelling


Even the smallest Homage generator has enough power to turn on 8 energy savers and 4 fans in the house or office making sure you are comfortable during the summer heat or winter evenings through uninterrupted power supply during load shedding. Homage generators can be purchased in a single-phase to three-phase models with kW or KVA power. They come with a free engine oil kit making maintenance hassle-free. It has durable wheels and handles built around the machine to make it portable and safe to handle. Homage generators come with a free gas kit.

Key Features

The ignition is called welder, standby or motor that is the main starting system has 5 kW to 50 kW power ideal for homes while models above 50 kW to 3 Megawatts are considered industrial grade and installed in commercial spaces. Larger KVA means higher fuel consumption speed as the base models start with 1 KW to up to 6 KW. Homage generators have large fuel tanks that can hold diesel or petrol easy to purchase and store at home. There is a bright digital display meter that makes it easy to read the generator in the dark at night for users coming out of the house to turn it on. The double muffler helps create a better exhaust system that improves the gas mileage of the engine. The dual exhaust decreases the stress on the motor that ensures it lasts longer and performs safely. The portability of the generator is key in storing and moving it safely from the store to the house. The wheels and strong handles help users feel confident in carrying it without fear of accidents or straining their backs too much. The lead-acid battery is strong and dependable. The engine runs on both oil and gas that has a pre-designed kit to operate it seamlessly. 

Types of Generators

The Homage generator can keep up to 20 Energy savers, 5 fans, deep freezer or fridge, TV, AC of 1.5 ton, water motor and washing machine with an HGR 5.02 KV-D or HGR-6.05KV-D model. The electric start system makes turning on the generator as simple as turning the key, now you don't need to struggle with long pump pipes and coils to turn it on.The HGR 3.03 KV-D can keep 10 energy savers, 3 fans, fridge, AC of 1 ton and a washing machine running during a power outage. It is recommended to know all your electrical usage before making the final generator purchase. Listing down all the appliances of the home or office beforehand so that the starting and running wattage has been calculated. This helps calculate the total power requirements in KVA or KW to know which generator size will work best without risking any damage. 

Price List

Model Price
Homage 2.8 KVA Generator Black & Red (HGR-2.80 KV… Rs. 78,000
Homage Generator HGR-3.0 KVA-G Rs. 70,700
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