Homage Microwave Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Homage Microwave in Pakistan is Rs. 9,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,632.


Homage Microwave Oven is easy to use and budget-friendly with competitive prices as compared to other international home appliances brands available online. They have premium features such as electronic display, grill system and low power consumption ideal for a large size family.


Powerful Heating

The powerful microwaves from Homage are available with 62 litres capacity and 1200 Watts power supply. Each design has the easy-open glass door design with a large glass turntable to help provide uniform heating to the food plate.

Display & Design Features

The easy to read electronic digital control on some of the models will help save time and energy. The higher-end price range model has a stainless steel door and control panel edge that look modern and sleek. The timer control, clock time and power level display are key features of the advance microwave models. 

Inverter Microwave Oven 

The inverter model called HDGI - 2811S is 900 Watts with low noise and power-saving performance. The inbuilt inverter ensures that it can handle any unwanted power voltage fluctuations and surges that are quite common in Pakistan. This model has better heat efficiency as compared to other traditional microwave setups. It also has a handy grill feature that makes it a versatile appliance when preparing meals at home. 

Classic Microwave 

The regular 900 Watts model is called HDG - 2812B and has 28 Liters capacity which is satisfactory for medium to large-sized plates of food. The essential cooking time features include the start button with +30 seconds and confirm ignition.

Combination Cooking

Homage Microwave Oven price in Pakistan depending on the model being purchased. There are combination cooking systems that have both microwave and grill cooking preparation modes. There is also an 800 Watts iteration of the same model with 23 litres capacity. There are reliable defrost settings to help thaw frozen foods fast and effectively. The metal grill rack is included in the initial purchase. 

Price Range 

The affordable range of Homage microwaves are the HDSO - 203S and 20125 that are both 700 watts with 20 litres capacity. The 20125 has the grilling feature and the handy 30 seconds heating start button. These are ideal for smaller families that need quick defrosting, easy to navigate cooking settings. 

Price List

Model Price
Homage Microwave Oven 2811S Rs. 25,400
Homage Microwave Oven 34 Liter HDG342S Rs. 37,800
Homage Microwave Oven HDG 282B - 28 Litres - Gril… Rs. 27,500
Homage Microwave oven HDG – 201S Rs. 19,000
Homage Microwave - Hdgi-2811S Rs. 20,499
HOMAGE Microwave Oven HDSO-2018W Rs. 16,200
HOMAGE Microwave Oven HDG-201S Rs. 19,000
HOMAGE Microwave Oven HDG-2310S Rs. 23,600
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