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A solar panel may seem like an expensive cost for purchasing and installation, but it will outweigh the cost of electricity bills during hot Pakistani summers in just a short while. Not needing to pay a high electricity bill every month can be a relief when managing the house or office.


An effective and free source of power is Solar energy. To harness this power source Solar panels (sold as PV panels) convert sunlight photons into electricity. The solar panels are a handy solution to most domestic power supply problems.

Portable Power Solution

They can be easily installed on the rooftop or terrace where sunlight hits directly making it easy for panels to absorb energy. These panels are an efficient power source and highly durable meant to last for decades. Solar panels are able to pick up the burden of the main power supply by installing the dedicated Hot water solar panels. These panels are meant to heat domestic water supply to provide uninterrupted hot water direct from the sun. It acts as a backup heater for water storage and can supply to multiple rooms, laundry and kitchen usage throughout the night. 

Types of Solar Panels

The Smallest Solar panel model available at Homage is the HSP-101 that has a Polly Crystalline cell with dimensions measuring 156 x 52mm. In this model, there are 72 cells (4x18) and they weigh 7.6 kg in total. Similarly, the largest model is called HSP-301 also made with Polly Crystalline cells measuring at156 x 156mm. In this model, there are also 72 (6x12) that weigh significantly more than HSP-101 at 20.5 kg. All models have the junction box IP 65, with bypass diodes. The connector is Mc4 compatible making it easy to integrate into the home system. 

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