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A clean and well-decorated home looks beautiful, well balanced and can have a calming effect on one's nerves. Home decor products play an important part in interior decoration and can create a positive and lively environment. If you are looking to renovate your home, read on for some beautiful home decoration items that you can buy online on this page.


Home décor is an exciting way to accessorize your house with your favourite antiques, centrepieces and other decorative items. It is not an easy task but with the right accessories and products, one can create an inviting and pleasing ambience.

The Basics

The most important things for good home decor are balance, harmony and symmetry. To create balance in a living space, one needs to work around the 7 elements of interior design that are colour, form, space, texture, pattern, line, and light. Once that is achieved, its time to add accessories and necessary items and align them in a way that creates a peaceful and breathable living space.

Home Décor Items

You can buy from a wide collection of different home decoration items from our website. Here are some of the ideas you can get from us on how to decorate your home and what tasteful home decoration items you can use in different rooms of the house.

1. Antique Pieces

Antique pieces could include retro telephones, gramophone, vintage metallic decor pieces, antique timekeeping items like an hourglass etc. Placing antiques in the house doesn't mean you are making your place look outdated. Incorporating antiques into modern living adds a vintage and sophisticated touch. When mixing antiques with modern decoration, use the 80/20 design rule which encourages using the same period and style for 80% of your interior and going antique with 20%. You can put antique pieces anywhere in the house but they look the best where guests sit or where there is traffic. It is better to put them at a centralized place where they stand out but avoid cluttering the space with too many items. 

2. Lamps & Lights

The right lights and brightness can enhance any space. This can include natural as well as artificial light like table lamps, chandeliers, bulbs, hanging lights, salt lamps, spotlights, floor lamps, fairy lights, modern lanterns etc. In recent times, the cut-glass Turkish lamps and the mesmerizing Morrocan lamps are widely used across Pakistan for their ethnic look and feel. 

3. Centrepieces

Centrepieces add a decorative flair to a setting and can be different for every room of the house. For the dining table, a floral or fruit basket in the centre would look lovely. A runner with a flower arrangement on the centre would also look good for dining as well as the living room centre table. Other popular centrepieces include scented candles, potpourri, magazines, crystal pieces, books, votive candle tray, vessels made out of crystal, wood, resin or metal etc. Create a decorative vignette with a few of these pieces and give a stylish touch to your centre tables.

4. Artificial Flowers & Plants

Having flower pots and planters around the house or out in the balcony brings you closer to nature and gives a refreshing feel. These can be real as well as artificial plants and flowers but if you want low maintenance, go for the artificial variety. They come in all types, designs and sizes and the bigger ones can be used in one corner of the room. Smaller ones can go on tables or a specific decorative rack or shelf in the corner. Real plants and fresh flowers enhance the beauty of the living spaces and purify the air. Bonsai trees or shrubs make for a beautiful and unique centrepiece or home decoration items in any household. Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees and shrubs in a tray. They are a perfect example of blending horticultural techniques and Asian aesthetics. 

5. Furniture & Home Linen

While furniture is necessary for every house, it serves both functional as well as decorative purposes. You can add basic furniture as well as stylish or antique-looking console tables with mirrors, chic and modern throws, colourful cushions, table runners, curtains, blinds etc. The bedrooms can be decorated with a carved wooden chest, Turkish ottomans, coffee tables and chairs etc. The beds look clean and beautiful if covered with stylish beddings and bedcovers with fluffy pillows and throws. You can also add pod swings or the vintage wooden carved Pakistani swings called "Jhoola" in Urdu. They make for a great feature piece in modern settings. 

6. Wooden or Glass Vitrines

A collection of antiques or crystal home decoration items can be displayed in a glass or wooden vitrine. It can be placed in one corner of the room or wherever there are ample light and focus. Vitrines can be in retro designs or the modernistic ones with an all-glass display and little woodwork. They add a touch of sophistication as well as grandiose to the ambience and make for beautiful home decoration items.

7. Rugs & Carpets

Covering the floor with beautifully designed carpets or rugs can add warmth and style to the living spaces. Oriental hand-woven carpets and area rugs are great for high traffic places like the corridor, main entrance, washroom door, bedsides or communal spaces like the living room etc. They also add cushioning to the floor so as to prevent any damages and breakages in case any decorative pieces, mobiles or expensive gadgets fall. Some of the world's best carpets are still being produced by Iran, Turkey and China.

8. Wall Hangings & Artwork

Murals, family photos, frames, mirrors, wall clocks, paintings, wall rugs, wreaths etc can be a number of things one can use to decorate the house.

Home Decoration Items Sale

You can find all the mentioned decorative products and more on our website. Look out for home decorative items sale and keep visiting this page for exclusive deals and discount offerings on multiple items. We have antiques as well as modern decorative items from a variety of trusted online sellers in Pakistan. 

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