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The best price of Hot Belt in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 798.


The Hot Belt is very popular for weight loss among men and women. It is made from neoprene also known as polychloroprene or pc-rubber that is a synthetic rubber that stays flexible under high heat. It is used to create a waist-shaping belt that covers the belly, hips and thighs that can speed up weight loss when worn for a certain period of time.


The manufacturers claim that users will be able to lose belly fat, love handles, unwanted muffin top (fat that stands above the jeans waistline and back fat that is the toughest to lose. For those special occasions such as weddings, important presentations and meetings to wear your favourite clothes that you find hard to fit into, buying the Hot Belt will help lose inches and attain a slimmer waistline.

Shopsy allows users to compare prices for Hot Belts easily by browsing high end and affordable designs together. There is a smart selection tool to filter all the items on sale available in Hot Belts making it easier to purchase the best quality at a discount price. There are also similar products available that include Sauna Belt, Posture Belt, and Hot Shapers Belt.

Back Pain

It can help maintain good posture and if used as a workout gear that helps raise the body's temperature. The Hot Belt will compress the abdomen area while providing support for the lumbar spine. The compression keeps the core muscles of the body engaged and flexed keeping the heart rate engaged and allowing more calorie burn.

The water weight loss because of wearing a Hot Belt means dehydration of the body is constantly happening, it is advised to keep drinking water while wearing it even though it will feel uncomfortable as your stomach is compressed. Having organs compressed for long periods of time can result in heartburn and indigestion it is recommended to not tie the belt too tightly.

Washing Instructions

The Hot Belt can be washed in cold water by hand using a mild cleaner for preserving its elasticity and shape. It is advised to not use the Tumble Dry in the machine instead let it air dry in the sun. It can not be bleached, ironed or dry cleaned as this will damage the fibres. 

Price List

Model Price
Hot Shapers Slimming Belt For Men Women - Black &… Rs. 500
Slimming Belt Hot Shaper Sweat Slim Belt Fat Cutt… Rs. 399
Slimming Belt For Weight Loss For Men And Women H… Rs. 399
Hot Shaper Stylish Belt - Black Rs. 650
hot shaper belt for women men pant hot shapper fi… Rs. 1,050
Hot Shaper Belt Waist Trimming Belt (Large Size) … Rs. 599
hot shaper waist slimming belt Rs. 399
Hot Shapers Hot Shapper Neotex Belt - Black (XXL)… Rs. 399
Pack Of 2 Waist Trimmer Belt With Hooks & Hot Sha… Rs. 1,250
Pack Of 2 Hot Belt & Exercise Resistance Loop Ban… Rs. 599
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