Hot Plate Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs. 2,138 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,225.


A hot plate can be used to heat up or cook food. There are also some models designed to keep food warm, one can choose based on their needs. This is a convenient appliance if there is a shortage of gas in your area. The prices vary depending on the brand and also the size of the hot plate, some are a single dish variant and others have two heating surfaces.


If you have gas issues or just find an electronic appliance easy, a hot plate would be a simple go-to.

Designed with temperature controls so you can set the heat, these hot plates can be used to cook and reheat food. One could also use it to keep their food warm so while you serve it, it does not get cold and congeal. This would be especially useful for things like nihari. or halwa.

Hot plates have features such as overheating protection so they do not burn out and the tops are often made from cast iron so they are sturdy and long-lasting. The feet commonly have rubber on them so the hot plate does not skid while in use.

One should be careful with kids around such devices that can cause burns if touched at the wrong place.

Various brands produce hot plates, these include Westpoint, Nikai, Anex, Panasonic and more. The prices vary from affordable to mid-range, with the hot plates that can house two dishes costing more than the single plate ones.

Price List

Model Price
Anex AG-2061 Hot Plate Single (1500W) Rs. 8,031
Anex AG-2166 Deluxe Hot Plate Digital Rs. 10,720
Anex 2065 Hot Plate Rs. 6,533
Gaba National GNO-1538-38LTR Electric Oven with H… Rs. 18,540
Alpina SF-6002 Single hot plate 1500W Rs. 7,283
Westpoint 1000D Oven Toaster & Hot Plate 10 Ltr Rs. 8,385
Westpoint WF-271 Deluxe Hot Plate Rs. 6,960
Anex AG-2165 Deluxe Hot Plate Digital Rs. 10,610
Westpoint 2400 Oven Toaster With Hot Plate 24Ltr Rs. 13,046
ANEX Hot Plate Single AG-2065SS Rs. 9,500
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