Hot Wheels Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hot Wheels in Pakistan is Rs. 200 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,464.


The most well-known brand that makes small die-cast cars. The quality of Hot Wheels and their creative designs have set them apart as the leader of dinkies. The price of their cars is not too high, but the larger playsets fall in a more expensive category.


Hot Wheels

The brand when it comes to small die-cast cars also called dinkies. The term 'dinky' comes from one of the original brands that had a hit line of die-cast cars. Hot Wheels is the new-age winner of the market, making a lot of designs. Hot Wheels was started in 1968 by the toy manufacturing giant, Mattel. 

Their design line ranges from stock to custom known cars, to completely wild futuristic designs. Their custom designs are similar to hot-rods; these have extreme custom jobs including massive superchargers, big rear tires and flame paint-jobs. The paint-jobs are at a similar level to high-quality car paint, with many colours and custom options that are beautiful.

Over the years Hot Wheels have been licensed by many car manufacturers to make scale models of their own cars. The brand has also produced cars from movies and comics, including various iterations of the famous Batmobile. Hot Wheels has models that are collector's items, from the original line or special editions. Some of the more rare cars are worth thousands of dollars today.

Hot Wheels playsets

Hot Wheels also has playsets that one can assemble. These include ramps and launchers for their cars with obstacles and loops for the car to go through.

Hot Wheels quality

One of the reasons for the success of the brand is due to its quality of product. The cars are made very well, with great paint-jobs and clean lines all over. The life of a Hot Wheels car is also long, it is a sturdy toy that can take a lot of knocks. 


Today Hot Wheels also makes some larger cars that are remote-controlled, but the main focus is still the small car collection.

Some of the known car brands that Hot Wheels has made small scale versions of include Ferrari, Lamborgini, Maserati, BMW, Mitsubishi, Bugatti, Cadillac, Daimler, Mercedes and many many more. The brands share their original design blueprints so Hot Wheels can get them right.

Prise-wise Hot Wheels is not too costly. The individual cars are in an affordable price range but the Hot Wheels playsets are expensive. 

Price List

Model Price
HOT WHEELS 73 BMW 3.0 CSL Diecast Rs. 399
Hot Wheels Batmobile- Diecast Rs. 450
Hot Wheels - 68 Dodge Dart- Diecast Rs. 299
Hot Wheel Racing Toy Cars Set of 2 - Blue and Ora… Rs. 249
Hot Wheels - Monster Trucks Glow In the Dark 1:64… Rs. 2,850
Hot Wheels Trucks Monster Mover Vehicle Rs. 9,495
Super Track Racer 68801 Speed Toys non Hot Wheel … Rs. 1,794
Hot Wheels Double Loop Dash Playset Rs. 10,710
Hot Wheels RC Car – Baja Bone Rs. 7,295
Hot Wheel Color Shifter Splash & Dash Play Set Rs. 2,890
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