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Compare 12 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 13500 - Rs. 53995


One of the first pieces of technology to go viral because of how fun it looked in all the videos. Not technically a hoverboard, but it does make it seem like the rider is gliding as the self-balancing mechanism keeps them stable. Initially, made famous on social media by rapper/singer Chris Brown.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable

  • Convenient

  • Fun


  • Can fall and injure oneself

  • Low-quality devices can catch fire


Journey of the hoverboard

The Hoverboard a cultural marker of the original viral generation seen in Instagram posts from a host of celebrities, making it a hit product of 2015. Originally designed in China but a little hard to trace exactly who created it, some sources claim that Chic Robotics was the first to produce them. Now there are probably more than a dozen brands with slight variations in design and of course the internal and external build, which also affects the prices. The more expensive ones have better electric motors and longer-lasting batteries.

General specs and features

On average they move at the speed of 5 to 15 KPH, some brands can go faster than this too but naturally, this does also depend on the weight of the rider. Usually, on a single charge, a hoverboard can be ridden for roughly 11 KM which is a substantial distance for something of its size. Wheel size also affects how it rides, larger wheels help with slightly rougher terrain but they generally are safer on a smooth surface. Some come with extra bells and whistles like LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. Some of the more well-known makers are Phunkeeduck, Razor and IOHAWK.

How to ride one

Learning to ride one can be a little tricky and the chances of falling are plenty. Initially even getting on one is a rocky experience usually done by holding on to something or someone. Once you are on it, shifting your weight forward by leaning a little makes it go forward and leaning backwards makes it go in a reverse direction. To turn on the spot or turn while already headed in a direction is probably the more challenging bit as you have to tilt one foot forward and one a little backwards. The foot tilting forward is the side that leads the turn. The balancing act while doing all this tilting is where it's at.

Available at various prices given the brand and quality.


The best price of Hoverboard in Pakistan is Rs. 13,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 36,687.

Price List

Model Price
Hover-1 All-Star Hoverboard & Go-Kart Rs. 49,999
Hover-1 Go Kart for Hoverboard Rs. 15,500
Preloved Electric Hover Board In Graffiti Print Rs. 24,500
Hoverboard Electric Scooter, Bluetooth & Speaker … Rs. 36,220
Hoverboard 8.5 inch Off-Road Electric Self Balanc… Rs. 43,500
Lithium – ion Power Battery for Hoverboards – 440… Rs. 13,500
Electric Off Road Hove... Rs. 53,995
Two-Wheeled Somatosens... Rs. 34,995
Auto Runner 10" Hoverb... Rs. 44,995
Kids Smart Balance Hov... Rs. 47,995