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The best price of Hp Chromebook in Pakistan is Rs. 44,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 69,028.


HP Chromebooks are available in a few designs and price points. This style of a device is developed for users who are on the go or have minimal/regular usage and are not going to be undertaking heavy tasks. An HP Chromebook costs half of what their laptop would, bringing the price to a mid-range price point.


Hewlett-Packard is a leading brand in the computer market. It is widely used all over the world, it has produces some of the highest-rated machines over time. The brand has many different lines such as HP Pavillion, HP Omen, HP Spectre and also has a line of Chromebooks available.

HP Chromebooks 

The Chromebooks from HP are built with the browser-based OS by Google. Chromebooks are machines that are designed for lighter use, these do not have powerful specs or the ability to install the regular softwares. Due to the OS being free these machines also cost comparatively less than a laptop.

Storage and RAM are lower on HP Chromebooks, this generally means storage at 16 or 32GB of SSD. The displays are good, they usually are HD or above and touchscreen abilities are also a possible feature.

One can play some games on an HP Chromebook, these are the ones that are designed to work with Android. Some of the games that need to be installed on computers such as Fortnite can be played but only via steaming so one would need a good internet connection.

There is also the Chrome Remote Desktop software which can be installed on your home PC. If you leave that PC running while you are away, the HP Chromebook can access it. This lets users run any program they like from it directly on their Chromebook, including Photoshop, Premiere and the Microsoft Office Suite. Even heavier games installed on your PC can be played. The trick is that the HP Chromebook is doing a lot less work, your home PC is doing all the heavy processing and streaming the results over.

For all the other options and apps one can check out the Chrome Web Store, it is to Chromebooks what Google Play is to smartphones. There are many games and apps that can be installed through this service. Including all the regulars such as YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Kindle and countless more.


HP has high-quality machines and this quality has also translated into their Chromebook range. The simplicity of HP's Chromebooks also means they are often used by schools as a learning interface. The OS being based on Linux makes for a way more stable machine that is not prone to viruses.

The price of a Chromebook is a lot less than a laptop. If a user has slightly more limited usage it would be the ideal machine to have. Simple to run and use, with enough apps to have more functionality if needed.

Generally, HP Chromebooks belong to a mid-range price point costing about half of what a regular laptop does.

Price List

Model Price
HP ChromeBook x360 14 Inches Core i3 (8GB RAM - 6… Rs. 60,000
HP Chromebook x360 14 Inches Core i3 (8GBRAM - 64… Rs. 67,500
HP Chromebook x360 - 14b-ca0010nr Rs. 139,299
HP Chrome Book x360 14 Inches Core i5 (8GB RAM - … Rs. 67,000
HP Chromebook 14 G5 Rs. 50,000
HP Chromebook x360 11.6 Inches Intel Celeron (4GB… Rs. 44,900
HP ChromeBook x360 14 Inches Intel Pentium Celero… Rs. 54,500
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