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The best price of Hp Computer in Pakistan is Rs. 38,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 130,005.


HP is among the leading brands in the computer market, with both PCs and laptops. HP has computers available in many different designs and price points, generally, as a brand the prices are high. The quality of HP computers is top shelf and one can find something for an everyday user or something powerful for gaming or production. 


A little about HP 

Established in 1930, HP makes a few kinds of electronics for the computer age. They started with two mini-computers and today HP is one of the top producers of computers. The brand has a few different lines for PCs, these include HP Omen, HP Pavillion, HP Envy and the HP All-in-Ones.

For laptops as well they have multiple lines known as HP Envy, HP Pavillion, HP ZBook, HP EliteBook, HP Omen, HP ProBookHP Chromebook, HP Stream and HP Spectre. The brand has produced some of the highest-rated laptops in the market too.

HP uses premium grade materials and the more expensive lines have better build quality and components.

The HP desktop lines

The HP Omen line is a high-performance machine that the brand has built for the gaming sector. These have top-end specs with powerful components. The graphics cars are the best available so one can have a great gaming experience.

Some of the HP Pavillion models are also geared to be able to handle games. Otherwise, Pavillion machines are for people who will be doing more regular work on it. The Envy line is closer to a high-performance machine, made for people who have heavier tasks to execute as well. These tasks can include work such as video editing or graphics, both of which require the computer to perform at a high-level.

The All-in-One models from HP are basically larger monitors that house the CPU as well. This means one has a display with just a keyboard and mouse, and no PC tower. These are good if one wants to have a simpler setup. The prices of the All-in-One models is higher in comparison to the other models, even if the specs are in a similar range.

The various HP laptop lines

The HP Spectre line is the top of their quality pyramid, these machines are where the latest features are introduced. Built with high-quality touch screens and great batteries. The graphics abilities are high quality and the specs are powerful, with a large amount of RAM and SSDs to keep the performance snappy. HP Envy comes in just after this line. It has similar features but is a slightly more accessible variant, this is achieved by a difference in build quality or HDDs instead of the more costly SSDs.

HP Pavillion is the machine built for a broader consumer base and is their mainstream device range. These laptops give a powerful performance for the price they are available at. These are simpler looking machines with a difference in the material quality compared to the premium lines. As this is for a larger base one can find more colour options and some that are funky, for a personal look.

For gamers, HP has the Omen lin. This was created by buying out Voodoo laptops in 2007, which is why they still retain the red Voodoo logo. HP Omen laptops have powerful dedicated graphics cards that have their own RAM too so the motherboard does not take the load. The RAM is also generally high so the performance is smooth for the heavy games one can play today.

Graphics artists and architects are catered to by the ZBook line. These are also heavy-duty laptops that have powerful graphics cards and CPUs. This is a great portable digital workstation for ones drafting and other such tasks that would make a regular machine stutter.

The business segment is also kept in mind and the HP EliteBook line is made with that in mind. These are durable machines and offices have a rougher usage as multiple people may end up using the same machine over time. Some of these machines have military-grade ruggedness. They also feature the vPro function that lets one access the laptops remotely even when the OS is off. The ProBook range is targeted for businesses as well, but for the smaller business; these machines are comparatively cheaper than the EliteBooks.

The most simple machine by HP is heir Chromebook range. These machines have an OS which is built by Google onto a Linux platform. These cannot use regular softwares and are low powered machines for everyday users. They do, however, have the ability to connect to your heavy machine at home and use it over an internet stream, so your powerhouse is doing all the heavy lifting and your HP Chromebook is a control module form far off. This range would also make for a good machine for kids to learn on. HP Chromebooks are smaller and are also a lot cheaper as the OS is free.

HP quality

The reason HP has been able to stay relevant in the market is due to their quality and the fact that they regularly introduce newer, better features.

The large range of options also makes it possible for all kinds of people to find something that suits their needs or something they like.

HP computers have a very diverse range of prices, depending on the machine you choose. Generally, all their machines are expensive to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
HP Laptop 15s-du1520TU-Intel Celeron N4020 Dual C… Rs. 85,999
Daraz Like New Laptops - HP EliteBook 840 G4 Lapt… Rs. 69,999
Hp 348 g3 corei7 6th Generation 08Gb ram 500Gb ha… Rs. 72,000
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i5 Rs. 132,500
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i7 Rs. 163,500
HP 15 DW300 i5-1135G7 8GB 256GB Rs. 131,999
HP EF2127WM 15.6 Inches Core i7 AMD Ryzen 5 (8GB … Rs. 110,000
HP LaserJet Pro M28a Multifunction Printer Rs. 55,990
HP LaserJet Pro M404dn (W1A53A) Rs. 83,999
HP ProBook 440 G6 Notebook PC - 8th Generation In… Rs. 195,999
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