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The best price of Hp Elitebook 850 in Pakistan is Rs. 125,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 172,933.


The HP EliteBook 850 is a business-oriented laptop that is geared for office use. A sturdy build and other features such as self-healing BIOS are all done for a long-lasting stable machine. There are many generations available and the prices vary based on that, as well as on the specific components.


The EliteBook line from HP is for work usage, all the laptops from this line are slated for businesses. With the HP EliteBook 850 the brand has had many releases over the years and these machines are made durable with features that help them with being stable systems.

HP EliteBook 850

This laptop has a simple design with high-quality materials so one gets a sturdy device that can take the load of being carted around and used on the go. There are features that are almost always found in the EliteBook line that the EliteBook 850 also has, these include a self-healing BIOS and also remote recovery with the Wolf Pro Security option.

The display size is 15.6 inches, this is a good middle ground that is ample for viewing space and also portability. The newer generations have FHD and higher displays so one gets a great level of clarity. The graphics cards are generally from Intel and are the simpler ones as this machine is geared more for work than gaming and such. This line is also not for heavy users who need to use CAD or render video.

Main processors in the EliteBook 850 range are from Intel and are generally from a few steps below whatever is the top option in the era. This goes to show that it is a powerful machine but not the most powerful option and would not be good for people who have very heavy usage.

To keep tasking snappy there is RAM from the lower to mid-range, one can choose based on what suits them. The storage is in the form of an SSD this makes sure your transfer speeds are high too, creating a good overall flow of information. 

For the OS, HP makes use of Windows for their EliteBook 850 line and generally it is the Pro version. This version is more suitable for work purposes compared to the Home one which has fewer features.

Wireless connectivity and physical porting are both possible. One gets WiFi and Bluetooth for their wireless needs. Ports on these machines are ample and diverse so one can connect a host of various devices.

The speakers vary from year to year, with some that even have Bang & Olufsen speakers which are a more high-end option. The webcam and mic array helps one take their video calls with ease.

A good batter time is important for work laptops, the EliteBook 850 machines deliver on this. With the batteries improving with each new generation.


With the HP EliteBook 850 laptops, one gets a complete work machine that with a little care could see you through a lot of work over time. The prices vary from generation to generation but are generally closer to a mid range.

Price List

Model Price
HP ELITE BOOK 850 G5 8TH GEN Rs. 165,500
Hp EliteBook 850 G8 i5-1135G7 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 248,499
HP EliteBook 850 G8 - Tiger Lake - 11th Gen Core … Rs. 205,000
HP ELITE BOOK 840/850 G5 8TH GEN Rs. 151,500
HP EliteBook 850 G8 Ci5 11th Gen 64GB 2TB SSD Rs. 218,000
HP Elitebook 850 G6 Ci5 8th 4GB 256GB 15.6 Rs. 138,000
HP ELITE BOOK 840/ 850 G5 8TH GEN Rs. 161,500
HP ELITE BOOK 840/850 G5 8TH GEN Rs. 125,000
HP EliteBook 850 G8 - Tiger Lake - 11th Gen Core … Rs. 165,000
HP Elitebook 850 G6 Ci7 8th 8GB 256GB 15.6 Rs. 163,000
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