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The best price of Hp Envy 13T in Pakistan is Rs. 135,111 and estimated average price is Rs. 161,640.


If you are looking for a more powerful option that is consumer-oriented, the HP Envy line is right for you. The HP Envy 13T is a compact device that is easy to carry and the various iterations have good components for their era. The prices are generally high.


HP is a recognisable brand all over the world, it is a leader in some classes of laptops and has a lot of lines one can choose from. This gives users to get the kind of machine they are looking for, something that suits them.

The HP Envy 13T is one of the options that come with a 13-inch display, making it quite a lot more portable than other sizes. The displays are FHD so one gets great quality for their visuals. With newer models, there is a privacy screen so people sitting nearby cannot see your screen.

HP Envy machines are close to the flagship Spectre line, it can compete in most aspects save the build quality but this is also why it costs less in comparison. The RAM, CPU, GPU and storage are from a higher spec range, this gives the Envy 13T laptops ample power to take on most tasks with ease.

The Windows based OSes that the Envy 13T laptops come with vary, some machines have the full Pro version while others have the Home edition. Aside from all this the laptops have multiple ports so you can connect whatever you need to.

Keyboards are backlit so you can easily type even in low light situations, this makes for a way better user experience. A webcam ensures you are able to take your video calls and meetings on the Envy 13T machines. With speakers and array mics that allow you to do this without needing to connect anything.

The HP Envy 13T laptops are expensive but are high-value machines with all the features and build quality.

Price List

Model Price
HP Envy 13.3" Core i7 10th Gen 8GB 512GB SSD Lapt… Rs. 184,889
HP Envy 13.3" Core i7 10th Gen 8GB 256GB SSD 16GB… Rs. 164,921
HP Envy 13.3" Core i5 11th Gen 8GB 256GB SSD 16GB… Rs. 135,111
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