Hp Envy 15T Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Envy 15T in Pakistan is Rs. 223,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 223,000.


The HP Envy line is a more powerful range that is consumer oriented. The Envy 15t options are with 15 inch displays, a size in the mid range that is a good size for work and also entertainment when needed. There are a few different options one can choose from based on their needs and budget. The prices are in a mid range.


HP has a lot of different laptops with various lines that cater to different kinds of users. The Envy is consumer oriented with a bit more power. With many choices, there are also the Envy 15t laptops that have a 15 inch display and different possible components.

HP Envy 15t

Depending on the specific model the HP Envy 15t laptops have ample power to be a lower-end gaming laptop. The CPU is from the Intel Core-i line and the highest option is a step from the best Intel has to offer. For the GPU either one can get an Intel which is more basic or the higher-end options that are from NVIDIA.

RAM can be 16GB or higher, this again is a matter of what you need. The storage is based on SSDs, this is a faster variant of storage technology so one gets better speeds for their data's read and write times. 

Other than the internal components, the features on these laptops are also great. With good quality displays so one gets great visual clarity, snappy keyboards that have backlights, a high-quality webcam, mics and porting options as well.

The wireless abilities include WiFi and Bluetooth, which lets users connect to the internet or other devices for their usage.

The HP Envy 15t laptops make use of the Windows OS, with various versions of the release relevant to the ear the laptop is released in.


HP Envy 15t laptops are well designed and the build quality is good too. If you are looking for something mid range that has ample power a laptop from this line would be a good choice.

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HP ENVY 15T- ED000 (Touch x360) Ci7 10th 16GB 512… Rs. 223,000
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