Hp Laptop Battery Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Laptop Battery in Pakistan is Rs. 3,734 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,269.


Laptop batteries eventually run out, after which they aren't able to hold enough charge and need replacing. Brands such as HP manufacture batteries that one can buy to replace the dead one with. One needs to know their laptop model or the battery model to get the correct battery for their laptop.


HP laptop batteries

Most laptops will inform you when the battery is not charging well. There are tools to get more information in case you want to have a more detailed report of your battery's performance, such as BatteryCat, BatteryMon and many more that are easily available online. When the battery's life is about to come to an end the laptop will, generally, give you notifications.

Each laptop model from HP uses a specific battery, knowing the model is enough to find you the right battery. Aside from that you can also takeout your battery and check the battery model number of the battery mentioned on it. Either of these can help you get the right battery. Some HP laptops may make use of the same battery as well.

Other options

Refurbished batteries are also available at times but the life and lasting power of those can be a bit shakey. Third-party vendors also make batteries for laptops, Anker is one such brand with a great market reputation for this. There are also other brands, in case you choose one of them please check recent reviews of their products.


The prices of HP laptop batteries vary depending on the specific model in question.

Price List

Model Price
New Laptop Notebook 8 Cell Battery For Hp Ome… Rs. 8,760
New MO06 MO09 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-… Rs. 4,800
New MO06 MO09 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-… Rs. 4,800
HP | Envy M6 (PI06) - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP | Probook 4530s - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP | Probook 450, 440 G2 - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP | Probook 4510s, 4520s - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP | 450 G Series V104 - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP | Probook 450 G3 RI04 - Laptop Battery Rs. 4,900
HP 9 Cell Laptop Battery For HP DV4 Rs. 3,734
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