Hp Laserjet All In One Printer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Laserjet All In One Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 39,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 76,523.


HP has a lot of different printers available and has some of the best on the market. One of their options is a laserjet all in one printer, this machine combines a printer, a fax, a photocopier and a scanner all into one device. An HP laserjet all in one printer would save one space at their office or home. The price of this device varies based on size and features. Generally, these are expensive machines to purchase.


HP has some of the best printers available, with many models making it to the different top-10 blog lists. Among the range, one can also find a laserjet all in one printer. These are combo machines that have multiple features and can help one save space. It is just more efficient to have one of these to do different tasks than to have 4 separate machines.

All in one laser printers from HP

HP's laserjet all in one printer combines a printer, a fax, a scanner and a photocopier. The laserjet aspect makes it a fast printing machine that works well for documents, which is why a lot of offices opt for this kind of machine.

One can find multiple size options from HP for this style of printer. There are some that can fit onto a desk while others are floor standing units. The difference would be mostly the amount of paper they can hold and also the sizes of paper they can accept. The larger machines also have more power when it comes to the prints per minute, and a bigger office would benefit from having it.

Other features of HP laserjet all in one printers

The DPI is one of the main considerations, it lets you know how fine a print will be. The higher the DPI the finer the print. For documents generally though, one doesn't always need very high DPI.

The various models of an HP laserjet all in one printer have different options for connectivity. There are some that have a USB port, this lets one print straight from a thumb drive. Others have WiFi, so wireless printing becomes a jiff. This is also a very useful feature for an office with many different laptops at work. The wireless ability also allows one to print documents from their smartphones.

There are also a few models that have their own mini hard drive onto which scanned documents can be stored and recalled for print later. This is a very helpful feature if one has any kind of fixed template files (such as forms or waivers) they need copies of regularly, those could be stored in the hard drive and printed easily whenever needed. 


HP sends along a software known as the HP Smart software. This is great to keep an eye on the ink levels in your machine and also can be used to adjust the settings of your laserjet all in one printer.

The prices of HP laserjet all in one printers vary, this mainly depends on the size and features of the machine in question. Generally, an expensive machine.

Price List

Model Price
HP LaserJet Pro All-in-One Printer Black (M1536dn… Rs. 41,999
HP LaserJet All in One Printer White (3052) - Ref… Rs. 39,999
Hp LaserJet Pro MFP - M135w Printer Rs. 59,999
Hp LaserJet Pro MPF - 442dn Printer Rs. 189,900
Hp Laserjet MFP - M137FNW Printer Rs. 74,900
HP LaserJet All-in-One Pro 200 Color Printer Blac… Rs. 52,345
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