Hp Laserjet Color Printer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Laserjet Color Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 24,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 132,401.


A leading producer of printers, HP is one of the most commonly present brands in offices and homes. There is a lot of variety, including options for laserjet colour printers. Just this kind of printer has many options you can choose from, based on the specific features and price. HP printers are generally expensive devices.


As a brand, HP has a great reputation in the printer segment. It is among the top brands and has featured on many top-10 lists over the years. The brand has a large variety of printers one can choose from, based on their needs.

HP makes use of a few different printing technologies, including laserjet printing. Laserjet printing is generally in black and white, but HP has options for colour as well. The options have various DPI rates, the higher the DPI the more fine the print is and also the higher the cost.

HP LaserJet Colour Printers

Laserjet printers have the edge with being faster. HP laserjet colour printers work really well for block colours. Laserjet printers not so good with images, but that is not to say the quality is not more than ample. Only a very trained eye would see more of the differences between a laserjet colour image and an inkjet colour image.

There are also other advantages of the laserjet colour printer, the first being that they do not clog up as the ink is dry. So if it is not used for a while it can pick up instantly. The second is that the cartridge is a mini system, so each time you switch it out all the moving parts are changed as well. This means the internal workings are renewed each time.


HP laserjet colour printers are high-quality machines that are available for higher prices. The overall cost of running one is in similar ranges to an inkjet and a lot of the difference would depend on how you use your printer.

Price List

Model Price
HP Color LaserJet 150a Printer Rs. 94,949
HP Laserjet Pro 479FDW MFP Color Printer Rs. 226,999
HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn Rs. 198,999
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M455dn Rs. 132,999
HP Color LaserJet Pro M577dn Multifunction Printe… Rs. 304,500
HP W1A80A LaserJet Color M479FDW Up to 27ppm 5000… Rs. 129,800
Hp Color Laserjet Pro - M283fdw MFP Printer Rs. 236,900
HP MFP M282NW Color LaserJet Pro Printer Rs. 78,650
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise - M455dn Printer Rs. 140,900
HP MFP 178NW LaserJet Pro Color Printer Rs. 79,200
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