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Compare 305 prices from 11 stores.

Compare 305 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 23123 - Rs. 1719999


A known printer brand, HP has many options. Even within their laserjet line, there are enough options for everyone to find something they can use. HP laserjet printers are often the go-to option for offices as they are faster at printing documents. Given the quality of HP, their printers are generally expensive, with a few smaller, cheaper options.


HP in the printer market

HP has maintained its market reputation in the printer segment for decades. They are among some of the pioneering brands that have consistently upgraded and provided newer features. The brand has various printing technologies available, with their laserjets being one of the best selling.

HP LaserJets

A laserjet from HP is fast, this is one of the main advantages compared to other printers. This is why HP laserjets are often the choice for offices as printing large volumes of documents can be a tedious process.

Laserjets are also good at images but perhaps not as good as inkjets. The dry ink, however, has an added advantage that it does not get clogged up if the printer is not used for a longer period.

Changing the cartridge of an HP laserjet printer also means a whole mini system is swapped out. This means new moving parts each time, giving the machine a longer life overall.

HP has many options in the laserjet category. They have a lot of varying features such as ports and small displays as well. Wireless printing is also an ability with their WiFi ready printers. This also means one can send documents from their smartphone for printing. 

There are a lot of different sizes and DPIs one can pick from. The higher the DPI the finer the print.


HP even has laserjet printers that are combo machines which have scanners, faxes and photocopiers integrated into them. These are ideal for small offices.

Generally, HP laserjet printers are expensive but they do have some options which are basic and cheaper.


The best price of Hp Laserjet Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 23,123 and the estimated average price is Rs. 145,368.

Price List

Model Price
HP LaserJet M211dw Rs. 66,900
HP LaserJet Enterprise M506dn Rs. 100,000
Hp LaserJet Pro - M501dn Rs. 159,900
HP M501dn LaserJet Pro Rs. 154,999
HP LaserJet - M211d Printer Rs. 47,500
Hp LaserJet - M211dw Printer Rs. 54,500
HP M406dn LaserJet Enterprise Rs. 102,999
HP LaserJet Enterprise - M406dn Rs. 99,900
HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn Rs. 209,900