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The best price of Hp Omen 15T in Pakistan is Rs. 340,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 340,000.


The gaming laptop line at HP is known as Omen. There are multiple options one can pick from and this includes the Omen 15T range, these are powerful machines with all the needed features that gamers make use of. They could also be used for heavier work-related tasks due to their powerful performance. The price of the Omen 15t laptops is high.


HP Omen laptops are designed specifically for gamers, although the amount of power and features they are packed with they would also be great for taking on heavier work tasks. The Omen 15t laptops are one of the options that one could choose from, there are different iterations although the basics are all about power.

The design with the Omen line is generally a bit more aggressive in feel, this is to add to the competitive feel, an aesthetic that gamers like. Most are in black colour.

The Omen 15t

Gamers need better machines as the newer games require quite a lot of processing power from the CPU and GPU for one to be able to play them well. For this reason, HP incorporated powerful Intel chips into the Omen 15t laptops as the central processors. 

Graphics processors are from NVIDIA or AMD, this variation is based on specific models and year of release. The options will still be powerful ones, this is so they can tackle the gaming needs. RAM is also at a higher level, even the base is high when one takes into account it is a newer standard for each year and the option to have more RAM in general.

To keep things streamlined, the storage is PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD with almost all the newer models. This has very fast writing speeds so everything is aligned without bottlenecks at any point between the components.

The internal parts aside, the others are all also made for higher performance. The displays come with great resolutions and high refresh rates so one has clarity and smooth flow with their graphics. The keyboard is backlit and some even have RGB lights. This is ideal for gamers as they often sit in spaces that are dimly lit.

Porting is more than a lot of other devices have, this is so gamers can connect their lots of peripherals and use them to improve gameplay. Battery times are long but this is also dependent on how much you are loading your device. The more performance it is giving the faster the battery drains.

Based on the Windows OS, this is generally whichever one is the current OS for the year of release.


If one is looking for a powerful device for their gaming needs or even heavy workloads the HP Omen 15t is good for such uses.

An expensive laptop to purchase, this is due to the fact that the Omen 15t is made with higher quality materials, has a lot of features and high-performance components.

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HP Omen 15T Ci7 10th 16GB 1TB 256GB 15.6 Win10 8G… Rs. 340,000
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