Hp Omen 16 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Omen 16 in Pakistan is Rs. 239,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 282,833.


A gaming laptop line from HP, the Omen machines are made with heavy specs so they can take on the latest games. A 16 inch HP Omen could handle most other heavy processing tasks as well. The price of this line of machines is generally high.


HP is among the well-known laptop brands and has a lot of great options that are made for different users. The Omen line of laptops is for gamers it is a continuation of the Voodoo brand that HP acquired.

Among the range, you can also find HP Omen laptops that have a 16-inch display, in case that size is what you are looking for. A larger display that gives you more viewing space for your gaming or editing needs. The displays are high end, with high resolutions and high refresh rates as well, the latter being something that really affects motion in graphics.

The HP Omen 16 will have a design that is a bit more aggressive making gamers get a competitive feel for their digital warfare. There are powerful graphics cards and processors so the machine can handle the load well. RAM and storage is generally higher as well so you do not have any bottlenecks.

Cooling is also run in a manner that the machine does not overheat as this can be a problem with a laptop running heavy games. Over time this would slow down the processing so this is crucial to have running well.

The keyboard is backlit as a lot of times gamers sit in darker rooms and also need good keyboards due to key mashing. One also gets a lot of porting options so you can connect your external gaming mouse, joystick, steering wheels, external displays and more.

For faster internet, they also have an Ethernet port. You get the headphone/mic jack for your gaming headset. Wireless abilities are managed via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Generally, the build grade is high too as this machine is along a comparatively premium range with powerful components and a lot of features so your gaming experience is as streamlined as possible. Depending on the specific components you purchase in your HP Omen 16 the price would vary.

Price List

Model Price
Hp Omen 16 - C0011dx Gaming Laptop Rs. 267,500
HP OMEN 16 B0150TX - Tiger Lake - 11th Gen Core i… Rs. 239,999
HP OMEN 16 B0152TX - Tiger Lake - 11th Gen Core i… Rs. 315,000
HP OMEN 16 C0163AX - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H OctaCore P… Rs. 300,000
Hp Omen 16 C0011dx AMD Ryzen 7 16GB 512GB SSD Gam… Rs. 264,499
HP OMEN 16 C0161AX - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H OctaCore P… Rs. 310,000
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