Hp Pavilion 14 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Pavilion 14 in Pakistan is Rs. 93,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 138,018.


A high-value line from HP, Pavilion laptops come in various sizes, including 14-inch displays. These laptops are designed for a broader consumer base with ample power to take on a lot of tasks other than the ones that need more heavy processing power. The prices are in a mid-range given what laptops cost generally.


HP has a lot of laptops to choose from, this gives users the option to get something that suits their needs, style and also their budget.

The Pavilion line is one of HP's well-known ones. It has laptops that are designed to be for a wider user range with ample power to take on most tasks. Unless someone has heavier needs for things such as video production of massive scale graphics design a Pavilion laptop should be good enough for them.

HP Pavilion laptops are made in a few different sizes, including the 14-inch variant. A 14-inch display is a good size and is also a more portable size. This suits someone who travels often and needs to carry their laptop with them. The HD and FHD displays make the machine great to stream your media on as well, with speakers that you can make use of in case you don't have headphones or an external sound system.

HP makes use of the Windows OS and different machines have the Home or Pro version. The latter has more features so if you are looking for a work machine that might be a better option. The body of these laptops comes in a lot of designs, with some that are funky as well, this could be great to pick something that fits your style. A personalised look is important to a lot of people, this range of body options allows for that.

Depending on the specific Pavilion 14 you choose, the components vary quite a bit. This way you can choose the processor, GPU, RAM and storage that works for your needs. Porting options are enough for most users as well, with the ability to connect your necessary peripherals or other displays.

One also gets Bluetooth and WiFi with their HP Pavilion 14 laptop, making wireless connectivity possible as well. The battery time is good, especially with the newer models.


The HP Pavilion 14 range has options coming out every year, with new design and component options to choose from. The prices are generally mid-range and can be higher if one picks the top components available.

Price List

Model Price
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i3 Rs. 93,500
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i7 Rs. 163,500
HP Pavilion 14 DV 0505TU Ci5 11th Gen Laptop Rs. 136,200
HP Pavilion x360 14" Core i5 10th Gen 8GB 256GB S… Rs. 128,569
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i5 Rs. 112,500
HP Pavilion 14-DH1003TU (Touch x360) Ci5 10th 4GB… Rs. 120,000
HP Pavilion 14 Dv 0505tu Ci5 11th Gen Laptop Rs. 137,280
HP PAVILION 14 X360 8TH GEN CORE i5 Rs. 132,500
HP Pavilion x360 14" Core i5 11th Gen 8GB 256GB S… Rs. 139,378
HP Pavilion 14-CD2053CL (Touch x360) Ci5 10th 8GB… Rs. 115,500
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