Hp Pavilion 14T Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hp Pavilion 14T in Pakistan is Rs. 166,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 166,000.


The Hp Pavilion 14T range from HP has different options. A mid range machine that can work for most users unless someone has the need for heavier processing tasks like gaming and production. These laptops have good features that allow one to get a lot of things done on one machine.


With many choices available, HP gives users options that suit them and their needs as much as possible. The Pavilion line from HP is designed for a wider range of users, these machines have enough power to be the ideal choice for a wider range. Unless one has heavy processing needs it should be more than ample.

The design of these laptops is neat and one gets something that is ergonomically sound, this makes usage easier. The keyboards are well spaced and snappy with a good level of key travel.

There are different sizes and the Hp Pavilion 14T comes with a 14 inch display. This is closer to the smaller scale machines that are easier to have on one's person. Portability is a major concern for a lot of people. The displays are either HD, FHD or higher even, this lets users have clarity for work and also get their media streaming needs met.

Speaking of media Hp Pavilion 14T laptops have speakers so one can hear music or movies, these speakers are not as great as external speakers but could cover your more basic needs.

With Windows OSes, the Hp Pavilion 14T has a lot of compatibility with softwares and devices. The Pro version has more features than the Home version and would be a better choice if one is looking for a work machine.

Internal components vary quite a bit, from Intel to AMD and many different models from either of the brands. Graphics cards are either simpler ones or with some machines, one gets more powerful ones. Which CPU and GPU the machine has is a matter of what you choose.

RAM and storage also vary, from basic levels to more powerful ones if you have slightly heavier needs. Porting is enough to sort your needs for peripherals, media devices, printers and more. Wireless connectivity is handled via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The Hp Pavilion 14T machines also have a webcam that is HD, this enables one to make video calls and partake in meetings remotely.


The Hp Pavilion 14T label has various machines coming out each year with slight design differences and upgradation of components so one can get better performance with the newer machines.

Generally, the price of these laptops from HP is in a mid-range but if the model is newer with better components then the prices are higher.

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HP Pavilion 14T (Touch x360) Ci7 10th 8GB 512GB W… Rs. 166,000
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