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The best price of Hp Probook 635 in Pakistan is Rs. 125,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 125,000.


The ProBook line from HP is made for smaller businesses, it has power that is designed to take on a broader range of tasks but would not generally be the kind of laptop to get for the way heavier tasks. The ProBook 635 comes with a 13.3 inch display which makes it a more compact machine. The price of this laptop is in a comparatively affordable range.

Pros & Cons


  • Good for professionals

  • Suitable for smaller businesses

  • Good levels of performance

  • Great displays

  • Plenty of ports


HP produces some great options, with many that have been rated as the best laptops for certain eras. There are a lot of different lines so one can get something that suits their needs. The ProBook range is aimed at smaller businesses and professionals, coming with ample power for almost every user. Unless you need a heavy machine for processing hungry tasks.

The ProBook 635

There are a few different options with the ProBook 635 that come out with each generation. The major differences are in components. For the different generations, one gets a lot more variation with this aspect. The size of the display is 13.3 inches, which is a compact size making it easily portable.

The OS used is Windows with different versions, HP recommends the Pro version for work usage.

Built to be durable as work laptops end up taking a lot more bumps with all the carrying. This would be even more important if one travels for work. The design of the ProBook 635 is neat so one gets the most ergonomic approach to their usage. Despite the size, the keyboard has ample spacing so one can type comfortably.

The options include processors from AMD and Intel both, whatever the option is it is at least two steps away from the top end available in the era. The graphics processors can also be from either brand, they are generally simpler as these machines are not designed to take on heavy tasks like rendering or gaming.

RAM varies but one can get higher levels, this keeps your machine snappy for all your work. To make sure there is no bottlenecking, one gets the SSD storage, which has higher transfer speeds so information flows smoothly between all the components.

The HP ProBook 635 machines have a lot of porting options so one can connect to all the external devices they need to be wired to. Wireless connectivity is possible with WiFi and Bluetooth, optionally one can also choose a machine that has space for a SIM so they are directly connected to mobile networks for data.

Given this is a machine slated for offices, there is also a higher level of security for the new kinds of malware that keeps coming. It also features self-healing and hardware-based security solutions.

Battery time is good, this lets one get a good amount of users while they are mobile.


The HP ProBook 635 machines are comparatively more affordable. The prices do vary based on the generation and also what specific components one chooses. This lets users manage something that is within their budget.

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HP ProBook 635 Aero G7 - AMD Ryzen 7 4700U OctaCo… Rs. 125,000
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