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HP's Probook line is aimed at smaller businesses, with a simpler system so they are also easier to fix. The Probook 650 has many variants over the generations and one can choose based on their needs. The price is lower for older models and the newer ones are expensive.


The Probook line from HP has a lot of options, it is the line below the Elitebook range. WIth Probook laptops, you get machines aimed at smaller businesses.

The Probook 650 comes in different variations with each release, giving users the option to pick something that works for them and is within their budget. The biggest difference is generally what processor is at the centre of this device.

Intel processors are used, from the Core-i line that could be a different model as well as generation of a specific model. The storage with newer machines is all SSD based so one gets good transfer speeds. Speaking of speed the RAM is often enough for most tasks and would get them done quick.

The size of HP Probook 650 laptops is at 15.6 inches, it is a decent size for work and can also be used for entertainment. There is wireless connectivity and porting as well. The porting has varied options but are enough for you to make ample use of external devices that you may need to attach.

HP uses the Windows OS and the Probook line generally has the Pro version of the era of release, this is more powerful than the Home edition which lacks some of the features one would need for work.

Overall a decent machine with a good ratio of features for price. The HP Probook laptops are made to be a bit simpler so IT departments can sort them out with more ease.

The prices of HP Probook 650 laptops are in the mid range.

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