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The best price of Hp Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 160 and estimated average price is Rs. 446.


A savoury sauce that is used with many different kinds of foods, including steaks and sandwiches. HP Sauce has a strong flavour profile and is one of the famous sauces in the world. The price of HP Sauce is slightly high if compared to other sauce options.


HP Sauce

A famous type of 'brown sauce', HP Sauce is the go-to brand for this kind of sauce. Based on a tomato paste, the layers on top are added by blending in malt vinegar and spirit vinegar, sugars, dates, cornflour, rye flour, salt, spices and tamarind.

The flavour of HP Sauce is along the umami flavour profile that is assigned to savoury foods.

The HP in the name stands for House of Parliament. This name was taken up when its creator Frederick Gibson Garton heard that his sauce is served at a restaurant in the House of Parliament. HP Sauce was registered in 1895.

Uses of HP Sauce

HP Sauce is eaten with steaks, sandwiches, savoury pies, an English breakfast, fries, cheese on toast and anything else one wants to give an extra layer of flavour to.

It is also a great additive for a marinade.


Other brands also use the HP Sauce name to specify a type of sauce, but these do not taste the same as the original HP Sauce. 

HP Sauce is available for a slightly higher rate in comparison to other more commonly used sauces.

Price List

Model Price
HP BBQ SAUCE BO 800G Rs. 265
Hp Original Sauce Rs. 550
Hp Bbq Sauce Bo 800g Rs. 265
HP Sauce Original 255g Rs. 714
HP The Original Sauce, Bottle, 255g Rs. 495
Key Brand HP Barbecue (BBQ) Sauce 350g Rs. 160
HP BBQ SAUCE BO 800G Rs. 265
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